Pain On Outside Of Foot

Pain On Outside Of Foot

Pain On Outside Of Foot: There are 3 very common sites for injury on the outside of the foot. The are by the the toe, midfoot and the ankle.

Causes Of Pain On Outside Of Foot:

The outside of your foot is a hard rigid beam of bone compared to the inside of the foot.

  • This is more likely to cause tissue irritation.
  • Irritation leads to  nerve compression.
  • Bone compression will be more of a sore and aching pain.
  • Nerve compression can act as numbness, burning or tingling.
  • It is also possible to have tendon pain, stress fractures or broken bones!



1)Foot Pain Outside Edge Of Pinky Toe:

Pinky toe pain is extremely common:


A)5th Toe Numbness, burning or tingling:

  • This most common after standing, walking or running.
  • This is usually associated due to compression of the 5th metatarsal against the shoe.
  • Consider wearing a larger shoe in the front.
Foot Pain Outside Edge
Foot Pain Outside Edge Of the Toe is usually caused by neuropraxia. This is nerve compression.

B) 5th Toe Callus, Bump Or Corn:

  • Calluses or corns can really cause pain!


C)Pinky Toe Sprain:

  • It is also very possible to sprain or injure your pinky toe.
  • It you jammed it very hard, consider a sprain!



At the front of the foot you can develop a bunion at the outside of the foot by the base of the toes.

  • The pain can be relieved with 5th toe bunion padding & shoe accommodation.
  • But in the end only surgery will permanently correct the deformity.
Pain On Outside Of Foot
Pain outside the foot can be caused by a bunionette. This is a bony prominence on the outside front of the foot.



2)Foot Pain Outside Arch:

Foot Pain Outisde The Arch is usually two to one of 2 very common problems.

A) Peroneus Brevis Tendonitis:

  • This is the most common source of injury.
  • This is a tendon that inserts into the outside of your foot.
  • It can become irritated very easily.
Pain On Outside Of Foot
Pain On Outside Of Foot at this spot will result from peroneus brevis tenoditis.


B) Jones Fracture:

  • A Jones fracture is a break in the base of the fifth metatarsal of the foot.
  • You can feel it on the side of your foot right around the middle.
  • This is a notoriously difficult part of the foot to heal because the Peroneus Brevis Muscle is always pulling it apart.
Foot Pain Outside Arch
Foot Pain Outside Arch due to a Jones fracture is very serious. This will need splint or casting!


3)Pain On Outside Of Foot Below Ankle:

  • Outside of the Ankle & Below the Ankle pain is very common.
  • This can be due to previously sprained ankles, instability, bone pain, tendonitis or pain after running.
Pain On Outside Of Foot
Pain On Outside Of Foot Below Ankle is usually due to a previous ankle sprain, it can also be due to peroneal tendonitis.


Consider the following causes:



Sharp Pain On Outside Of Foot:

  • Sharp pain on the outside of the foot is usually due to nerve compression.
  • This occurs when your foot compresses against your shoe during walking or running.
  • This pain is known as neuropraxia.
  • The most common site is the base of the 5th metatarsal.
  • This will cause the pinky toe to go numb.


Outside Foot Pain After Running:

  • This is also most common felt as a sharp, numbness, burning or tingling feeling.
  • This is nerve compression due to excess pain and friction.
  • This is almost always at the 5th toe or pinky toe.