Sprained Pinky Toe

Sprained Pinky Toe: Find out the symptoms & complete treatment protocol for a sprained pinky toe! That is one vulnerable toe!



Sprained Pinky Toe Symptoms:

A sprained pinky toe will really hurt for the first couple days. This is the inflammatory response taking place. The goal is to cut it down & then healing can begin.

  • Pain in the entire pinky toe.
  • Possible numbness, burning & tingling due to nerve irritation.
  • Swelling & edema in the entire little toe.
  • Swelling & edema in the pinky toe joint.
  • Bruising at the bottom of the outside of the foot or pinky toe a day or two later.


Sprained Pinky Toe
The pinky toe is very susceptible to being sprained & damaged when barefoot. It is the weakest & least protected toe on the foot


Causes Of A Sprained Pinky Toe:

  • A sprained pinky toe usually happens as the big toe is bent backwards.
  • This is common when walking barefoot.
  • The pinky toe is not very strong & is easily overcome by a stubbing or forcefully striking an object.
  • It is most common while walking barefoot.
  • This toe is the most susceptible to injury of all the toes.



Sprained Pinky Toe
The vast majority of sprained pinky toe joints will get much better in a couple days. They will then be completely better in about 1-2 weeks!


Sprained Pinky Toe Recovery Time:

There are three grades of sprained pinky toe injuries. The recovery time can very based on what grade of sprain you have. Don’t worry, most sprains are a grade 1 injury.


1) Grade 1 Sprain:

  • The joint capsule & soft tissue are simply stretched.
  • This is the vast majority of pinky toe sprains, no matter how painful they are initially.
  • This results in a more mild amount of swelling & bruising.
  • Perform initial treatment as detailed below.

Sprained Pinky Toe Recovery Time: 1-2 weeks.


2) Grade 2 Sprain:

  • This is a partial tear of the plantar anatomy.
  • This results in severe bruising & swelling.
  • It is usually indistinguishable from a grade 1 sprain early on.
  • This likely does not need any surgery or intervention.
  • It is a good idea to head in for precautionary imaging at your podiatrist’s office.
  • Perform initial treatment as detailed below.

Sprained Pinky Toe Recovery Time: 2-4 weeks.


3) Grade 3 Sprain:

  • This is a complete tear of the soft tissue anatomy.
  • This causes severe swelling & bruising.
  • There is possible deformity.
  • This will require a visit to the podiatrist for imaging and intervention.

Sprained Pinky Toe Recovery Time: 2-3 weeks. Will require podiatrist intervention & imaging. 


Sprained Pinky Toe
The only way to know if the pinky toe is broken for sure is to get an X-ray!


Is My Pinky Toe Broken Or Sprained?

  • This is very difficult to say for sure.
  • The only way to know 100% is to head to your podiatrist’s office or the ER forX-ray imaging.
  • There are many cases where a sprained big toe looks worse than a broken toe.
  • There are other cases where very mild injuries can result in a broken toe.
  • Think broken toe if:
    • Crunching noise during the injury.
    • Severe swelling & bruising.
    • Complete inability to move the toe.
    • Obvious deformity.


Sprained Pinky Toe Treatment:

Sprained Pinky Toe
If it is just a mild sprain, lightly tape the pinky toe to the 4th toe for security. This is called a buddy splint.


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