1st MTPJ Fusion Surgery Recovery Time

1st MTPJ fusion surgery recovery time can vary, but you may even be walking the same day! Incision site healing can be 2-3 weeks, pain for 6-8wks!We believe in performing a robust fixation where you only need the surgery performed once. This allows for early weight bearing time and high levels of fusion.

1st MTPJ fusion surgery details:

The entire surgery is performed in about two hours and you may go home on the same day. This is performed on an outpatient basis.

1st MTPJ fusion Surgery Recovery Time
1st MTPJ fusion Surgery Recovery Time

Is this surgery covered by insurance?

In most cases this is done for severe pain and is not considered a cosmetic or “elective” procedure. It is generally essential.

1st MTPJ fusion Technique:

An incision is made on top of the big toe. Remaining cartilage is cleared away to allow the two bones to heal together. Your podiatric surgeon may use a combination of tools to shape each bone for a perfect fit.

Once prepared, the two bones are positioned and a metal plate is placed to hold both bones together. Two screws can be placed across the joint without using a plate. After the hardware is placed, the incision is closed with sutures and the foot is placed in a dressing or splint.

1st MTPJ fusion surgery recovery time:

You will likely be examined at 1 week, two weeks, and sutures removed at three weeks. We will then see you at 2 months and 3 months following the surgery. X-rays may be taken at each visit to evaluate the bone healing and the position of the big toe. Weight bearing status generally begin in an immbolizing boot within a few days of surgery. After a first MTP fusion, you should not wear shoes that put extra stress on the joint for atleast 2-3 weeks.

1st MTPJ fusion surgery complications that can lengthen healing time:

Common complications specific to MTP fusion include poor or delayed bone healing, infection, and stiffness in neighboring joints. The metal plate used during surgery can sometimes cause irritation. In this case it can be removed after the bone has healed. Finally, scarring within the joint can limit neighboring tendons.

There are complications that relate to surgery in general. These include the risks associated with anesthesia, infection, damage to nerves and blood vessels, and bleeding or blood clots.

If I have a first MTP fusion, will I still be able to run?
The only reason you would have this procedure performed is if you were have pain or a problem already, the expected resulted is better function than when you can in for surgery.
Most people with a first MTP fusion do not have a limp after it has fully healed.

MTPJ Fusion Surgeons:

Dr. Tom Biernacki is a podiatrist at our clinic who is well trained and experienced in MTPJ fusions.

Dr. John Stevelinck is a podiatrist at  our clinic who is well trained and experienced in MTPJ fusions.

1st MTPJ fusion Surgeon in Michigan
1st MTPJ fusion Surgeon in Michigan

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MTPJ Fusion Surgery Locations:

We are able to accommodate you for a quick turnaround time and result at one of our many Michigan locations.  Come see use and realize how quickly you can expect 1st MTPJ fusion surgery recovery time to take.

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