Best silicone tailor's bunion pads and cushions 2019:

Overview of the best products:


Best overall:


Povihome 10 Pack Pinky Toe Separator & Protectors:

“this holds all three toes and prevents the fifth toe, fourth toe and third toe first scratching against the outside of your shoe.

This is relatively cost-effective and holds all your toes protected at the same time.

Best for corns between the fourth and fifth toe:

Natracure Advanced Gel Toe Separator (w/Toe Loop) – 6 PACK

Top Tailor’s bunion shield review:


Povihome 10 Pack Pinky Toe Separator & Protectors:

This is a three toe holding design is a little bit more robust than just the one to hold the fifth toe. If you feel you needle bit more support. This may be the one for you.

Who is this best for?
The reason we like this device is that it holds all three toes. Sometimes I find that the tailor’s bunion shields that holds only the fifth toe is not enough, some patients have the third, fourth and fifth toe scrunching together against the side of the shoe.

If you think that this is your foot and that the whole side of your foot in the toes along the outside of your foot are bunching up on outside of your shoe, this is the way to go. This is a fairly bulky device without having to cover up the whole foot.

We have had patients have the most success with this, and has an excellent review on Amazon.

The goal is to keep the price pretty reasonable, and you want a pack of a few of these at the same time because as time goes on. These get sweaty and destroyed. So you don’t want to just order one. You probably won’t be too happy with this.

This is designed specifically as a little toe separator, it works great for overlapping toes, cruel pinky toes and it protects against friction against the side of the shoe. This is made of soft silicone gel and is not rigid enough to hold the toe straight.

Why we like this one?

We like this because as a three hole design, so that it does not let the toes overlap, and it does not slip off like 1/5 toe. One would at all. The gel hole is big enough to cover the pinky toe and the Taylor’s bunion at the same time. Use this for maximal support, but not too extreme that I will finish it.

Best for corns between the fourth and fifth toe:

Natracure Advanced Gel Toe Separator (w/Toe Loop) – 6 PACK

Why we like it:

these are good because they are pretty low profile. They fit just between the fourth toe on the fifth toe, they wrap around the fifth toe, but they provide space between the fourth on the fifth toe. If your pain is in the fourth toe webspace, then this is a perfect bunion separator for you.

This one will work very well for you. If this is your problem.

Who this will not work for:

This will not work for people with Taylor’s bunion pain, as it does not come around the fifth metatarsal joint, does not keep pressure off the fifth metatarsal joint.