Calf Pain

Differential Diagnosis


  1. Muscle strain of the Gastrocnemius or Soleus

  2. Muscle Contusion of the Gastrocnemius

  3. Muscle Cramps

  4. Referred Pain from the Lumbar Spine

  5. Delayed onset of Muscle Soreness

Less Common

  1. Superficial Posterior Compartment Syndrome

  2. Deep Posterior Compartment Syndrome

  3. Referred Pain: Superior Tibiofibular Jlint or Knee

  4. Entrapment of Popliteal Artery or Endofibrosis of external iliac artery

  5. Stress fracture of the Fibula

  6. Stress fracture of the Posterior Cortex of the Tibia

  7. Varicose Veins

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