Capsulitis of the Second Toe Treatment Guide

Capsulitis of the Second Toe Treatment

STOP living with your second toe pain. Capsulitis of the second toe treatment can be caught early and prevented from getting worse. Follow these tips!

  •  A sore second toe joint is frequently caused by capsulitis. This type of pain is usually sore and throbbing pain rather than a sharp, numb and tingling type pain. It is possible to have capsulitis in the third and fourth toes are possible as well, but the second is most common.
  •  Capsulitis is the inflammation of the joint capsule that can lead to severe discomfort and if severe enough it can lead to predislocation syndrome. Capsulitis of the second toe treatment is very easy to perform at home and is detailed below.


What is capsulitis of the second toe?

  • The second toe joint connects to the second metatarsal. You can think of this as the big knuckle next to your big total. This feels very prominent and is the most forward portion of the ball of your foot. These ligaments hold the joint together and prevent it from dislocating.
  • If these tendons and ligaments that comprise the capsule become irritated, they become inflamed. Inflammation of the capsule is called capsulitis. This can also happen to the third the fourth or the fifth toe, as well as the big toe. The second toe is the most common because it is usually the biggest joint.
  • In extreme cases, if capsulitis becomes really irritated, the ligaments can weaken and even cause this location of the second toe.
  • As the capsule is starting to tear, and the bones are starting to dislocate, this is called the pre-dislocation syndrome. This is an overuse injury.


second toe capsulitis treatment


Capsulitis of the Second Toe causes:

  • This is almost always caused due to overuse, and abnormal foot biomechanics.
  • If you have a tight Achilles tendon, and a tight ankle, and you do a lot of toe walking or running: this can lead to an excessive amount of pressure on the second toe capsule.
  • Certain things make it much more likely to have second toe capsulitis. These include increased running an activity, increased weight, tight calf muscles.
  • Second toe capsulitis is generally associated with bunion deformities. If you have a bunion, it is very likely that you are put in less pressure on your big toe joint, and most of the toe goes on to the second toe capsule.
  • It is also much more common to have capsulitis if you have a very long second toe or metatarsal.
  • The number one cause is very tight calf muscles.
  • Poor foot mechanics or overuse syndrome.
  • A long 2nd toe.
  • A short 1st toe.
  • Overuse of your Feet.
  • Flat Feet.
  • Long time on your feet.
  • Heavy pressure on the front of your feet (high heels).
  • Any type of a shoe with a heel.
  • Tight foot wear – to see if this is you.
  • Tight Calf Muscles – Stretching your calves is essential.



Symptoms of capsulitis of the second toe:

  • This is usually not an acute injury. The symptoms are usually chronic and happen with extensive overuse.
  • We see this most frequently with people who walk on the front of the foot, and in younger people and runners and people who do a lot of jumping.


Specific symptoms include:

  • pain when walking barefoot, especially on the front of your second toe and ball of your foot.
  • The swelling in the second metatarsal joint, including at the base of the second toe.
  • Pain in the ball of the foot, it can feel like there is a marble at the base of your second toe.
  • It can feel like the shoe or the sock is bunched up around your second toe.
  • Your toe may even start to click or bend inappropriately.
  • Your toe may start to cross over the big toe.
  • You can have sharp shooting pain, which can throb in her while you are resting.


Diagnosis of second toe capsulitis and pain:

  • There are a few different conditions that can happen in the same spot.
  • You must need me for anything watch for other problems that are associated including Morton’s neuroma, capsulitis of the other toes, metatarsalgia, and stress fractures of the second metatarsal.
  • Good still on the movie If you do have a bunion, it is much more likely that you would have second toe capsulitis.
  • The best way to diagnosis for sure, is to have your podiatrist look ahow low t your foot and take an x-ray of the second metatarsal joint. This would confirm the damage. It may sometimes be necessary to even get an MRI or an in-office ultrasound.
  • At her office we have in office ultrasound available, and we can see if the ligaments torn that is holding together your second metatarsal joint.


Second toe dislocated toe


What can happen if second toe capsulitis is left untreated?

  • In the more advanced stages of the second toe capsulitis, the ligaments can weaken, and this could lead to failure of the toe joint.
  • The second toe can drift over the big toe, he can cross over. This can cause a condition called crossover toe.
  • Once this crossover toe starts happening, it’s very difficult to get the toe to go back into position without surgery.
  • This leads to almost permanent foot deformity if left uncorrected.



Home treatment of second toe capsulitis:

If you are lucky enough to catch this serious problem in the early stages, there are things you can do to prevent any type of more invasive treatment.

The goal of home treatment is to stabilize the toe, and let your body heal the ligaments before they are truly dislocated or corn.

  • Taping and splinting: it is possible to do a figure 8 around the knuckle of the second toe. This tape would have to be reapplied before use of athletic activity or running. This will prevent the toe from bending upward as you are pushing off with the front of your foot. This is very effective for sporting events, but it is not very practical to stay on because as you sweat eventually the tape will loosen. It is not a long-term solution.
  • Stretching: the number one cause of second toe capsulitis and front of the foot pain is high arched foot in a tight Achilles tendon. We have great success to relieve this pain by stretching Achilles tendon, it is practical that over 3 to 4 weeks this condition can improve enough to remove the paint from the front of the foot. As your foot has more flexibility in bending up, it makes sense that there is less pressure on the front of the foot.
  • Proper shoe choices: another thing we have seen frequently is people switching from a pair of high heels, a pair of flats, a pair of flexible and unsupportive shoes. The switch is made into a good supportive running shoe. A great running shoe combined with a great choice for an affordable over-the-counter orthotic lead to a near instant offloading of pain. This orthotic with an issue takes almost all the pressure off the second metatarsal joint. This leads to a near instant relief of pressure, along the joint to heal over the next few weeks or months.
  • Rest and ice: this is almost the cheating answer for me to give you. Everybody knows that rest and ice make everything better. So does staying in bed for the next three months. This is not something your doctor tell you, and this is not a practical answer for most people. People come see us because they want to get this foot pain better.


Taping for second toe capsulitis:


The supplies you will need for deepening your second over capsulitis and irritation of the joint capsule:

  • Some athletic tape.
  • Some alcohol 70%


Use some athletic tape to hold down the 2nd toe. While it does work, orthotics and shoes are much better.

Taping for the second capsulitis technique:

  • The goal is twofold the day in the middle is the get rid of this big. If you’re familiar with the base ribbon for the military, this is exactly how the second toe capsulitis taping is needed to be done.
  • The idea is to keep on the bottom, wrap the folded portion around the top of the second hole as it meets the base. Hold it down and keep it back against the.
  • What this does is prevent the second toe from bending upward as you are taking steps and walking.
  • It is also possible to use some taping to offload the second metatarsal failing drill joint.
  • In our opinion the best solution is a good pair of shoes and a good pair of orthotics. Taping does not work great because it is a hassle to put on, and with his wet it comes loose and ¼ way through the day.
  • Almost everybody always wants to try the tape, but in her opinion it is not the most successful treatment.




 second toe capsulitis surgery



Surgery for second toe capsulitis:

  • Surgery is a great choice if you start to have a severe bunion with dislocation of the second toe. If you have crossover toe and stern to dislocate, surgery may be the only answer.
  • Your podiatrist or foot specialist will likely start by taking a foot x-ray, with an x-ray we can make sure that the toe is dislocated, and this will be a good indication for repair of this toe.
  • Simple dislocation doesn’t mean that you are a great candidate for surgery, if you have extensive health issues and your mobility needs are not great, then great shoes with splinting may be the best choice for you.
  • Surgery is effective as we have very good success rates in repairing this dislocation, but there are always risks with surgery and the healing time is roughly 2 to 3 months before you can start to even think about returning to full activity.
  • This is a very satisfying surgery, as you can start walking very quickly, but your foot will be sore for 2 to 3 months.
  • We take any type of surgical procedure very seriously, and you must be a good candidate if you are to consider surgical process. This means a good healthy patient, who follows instructions. If you feel that this is you, surgery can be extremely satisfying and repair your dislocated toe.
  • On the other hand, the majority of people we see with the dislocated second toe, are not athletes, or even people without health conditions. Most people that dislocate the second toe, are older people with numerous health issues, and they are not great surgery candidates. If you have diabetes, heart issues, kidney issues, and poor overall health, this probably isn’t a great choice for you.




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