Big Toe Fusion Operation

Big Toe Fusion Operation: Surgical Technique A Big Toe Fusion Operation has many PROs and CONs: Generally it is a very reliable but more permanent, fused procedure.   Big Toe Fusion Overview: This page will focus on the surgical technique of performing the big toe fusion operation from skin incision, proper technique through to recovery … Read more

Big Toe Joint Fusion

Bunion surgery great toe joint fusion

Pros and Cons of Big Toe Joint Fusion: The Best Surgery 2020? Pros and Cons of Big Toe Joint Fusion: This is the most predictable procedure available to the foot and ankle surgery. This is reliable and essential ensures you will only need one surgery if your life if all goes well. The down side … Read more

Hallux Rigidus

Hallux Rigidus Treatment: *Exercises, Inserts and Surgery* What is Best?   Hallux Rigidus Treatment is possible without surgery! Exercises don’t work great, but sometimes the right shoe and inserts make most pain DISAPPEAR! Hallux Rigidus Symptoms:   Pain at the base of the big toe during walking. A giant callus develops on the inside of … Read more