Midtarsal Joint Sprain [Causes, Symptoms & Best Treatment] The Midtarsal Joint Sprain pain can cause #1) top of the foot pain & #2) Bottom of the foot pain. We go over the most common midfoot pain & 100% Best FIXES! https://youtu.be/ZGnQTPqwvFw Midtarsal Joint Sprain Overview: The Midtarsal Joint Sprain is also known as Chopart’s joint injury … Read more

Turf Toe Taping: Best Brace, Splint & Shoe Treatment! Turf toe taping is very beneficial to perform to take pressure off the big toe joint. The tough part is that sweat can quickly loosen the tap and it can stop being effective. https://youtu.be/iWJMtq5wHnQ Sprained Big Toe Causes: A sprained big toe is also known as … Read more