Detroit 5k Run Reviews and Dates

Welcome to the quick overview of Detroit 5k Run Reviews and Dates. I have listed two of my favorite resources that I used to get started running in Detroit when I first moved here. Hopefully they are as helpful to you as they are to me.


Detroit Runner Race Reviews

It is a little tougher getting honest reviews about all of these races, especially the smaller ones. It seems like the big sites list the major ones such as the Detroit Free Press Marathon. I found this site and I really like it for EXTREMELY in depth and honest reviews- this man literally reviews everything possible about the races he has run, maps it out takes a zillion pictures. Not all the races are included, but he makes a big effort to get out to a good amount and the reviews are very thorough!


Detroit Runner



5k Races in Detroit and Michigan

How do you decide on which 5k to run and where you want to run it? When I check online it seems like there 10 races going on in the greater detroit area every Saturday and Sunday, so what is a novice runner like myself to do.

The best resources I have found on the subject is a site called 5k races in michigan that seems great at listing the upcoming races in michigan, while the big sites seem to only list the major runs that are coming up in the future. Even as I write this now they seem to be hitting the majority of races while the big sites like running USA just list the bigger races.

Detroit 5k Run Reviews and Dates

5k races in michigan

  • Let me know if you have any more good places to check.
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