Getting Glass Out of My Foot: Podiatrist Guide!

Getting glass out of my foot: this can be one of the top 3 things stuck in your foot!  Stop the pain NOW.


Step one: Glass and Foot Soak

  • Get a large bowl of water and some Epsom salts.
  • You take the water and you mix it with some Epsom salts, usually about a cup to 1/2 cup.
  • The only goal of this is that we will make your skin nice and fluffy. Mix around the water should be lukewarm to warm but never hot.
  • Don’t burn your feet, and check it with your hands.
  • The idea is that your skin will become flaky around the glass, and this alone can cause your glass to pop out of your foot.
  • The goal is to let this happen for about 20 to 30 minutes.
  • The heat and the so will soak into your skin, to make it nice and puffy and this will make the glass loose.
  • Be careful manipulating this with your own hand as it can really mess up your skin. If you excellently push up even higher.
getting glass out of foot

Step two: Using tweezers to get it out of the soft skin.


This is something you should be very safe with, but the best way of getting glass out of your foot, is to presoak it with Epsom salts and water, and then use some tweezers to pull it out. This is something you have to be very careful.


As the glasses embedded in your foot, some of the time.


The tweezers can push it down even further. So be very sure that you can see it and you can get it out. If you do have a tiny piece of glass in your foot, the tweezers could easily push it down further and it can cause you even more issues.



Step three: removing glass home remedies:


Home remedy tricks:


These include using a piece of cotton with some castor oil, or using glue on the end of the Q-tip.


Do these work? I would say probably not, to meet these have close to 0% chance of working and will probably just waste your time.


When you go online. Some people claim that this might be a good idea, but having removed thousands of pieces of glass.


I can tell you that this is a pretty terrible idea and has close to 0% chance of working.

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