Gout On Top of Foot

Gout on top of the foot is one of the most common sites in the body. Treatment of gout is very effective and there are very practical tips to follow if you want to get better as soon as possible.

Can Gout Affect the Top of Your Foot?


Almost all of gout in the foot is on top of the big toe joint. In this way it can radiate across the nerves up your foot making it seem like it is affecting the top of the foot.


Yes gout can affect the top of your foot. The most common areas of gout attacks are:


  • Gout most commonly attacks the big toe joint.
  • Over 50% of all gout attacks are in the big toe joint. In our opinion it is even higher than this, especially the symptomatic gout attacks.
  • This can usually happen on the top part of the front of the foot.
  • The pain is so severe that it seems to radiate up the top of the foot almost into the ankle.
  • Gout can also occur in the small toes as a secondary site.
  • Gout usually does not occur in the top and middle part of the foot unless you have prior arthritis. But it is common to have the pain radiate up to this site if the big toe is really throbbing.
  • The skin is thinner on top of the foot so some people feel the gout attack more here.
  • You can also get gout under the foot, but this happens at the bottom of your big toe.
  • The main way to know that it is gout, is that it usually shows up very quickly without a prior attack.



gout on top of the foot
Gout on Top of the Foot


Gout on Top of the Foot Symptoms:


The main thing to know about gout is that is usually happens very quickly, usually without an initial injury:


  • Gout attacks usually happen very quickly and are very severe with no apparent damage or injury.
  • Intense joint pain in the first 12 hours of it starting.
  • Consistent pain after the initial wave of pain goes away that can last multiple days or even weeks.
  • Serious inflammation and redness the first day.
  • Almost not ability to bend that particular foot joint.
  • If this is chronic and continuous pain continues to worsen for many days, then this likely is not gout at all.
  • The majority of people that come into our clinic thinking they are gout, are not actually gout.
  • Gout can very easily be used to blame the pain that other injuries such as big toe joint arthritis are causing.


Gout on Top of the Foot Treatment:

The biggest problem with gout is the severe pain!


Treatment Goal #1: Get to a podiatrist to confirm that it’s actually gout.


  • I would say unless you have had previous confirmed gout attacks, odds are you do not have gout.
  • Most people that are told they have gout and


Treatment Step #2: Get rid of the pain!


  • I would not wish injecting steroids into someone’s big toe joint on my worst enemy! A steroid injection into the big toe joint can be extremely painful.
  • I would strongly recommend going with an oral steroid for severe pain vs. colcrys oral tablets and anti-inflammatories for more moderate pain.
  • These treatments can make your pain go away almost immediately.
  • The goal is to get the pain to come down from about a 10/10 to about a 5/10 within the first 24 hours.
  • After the first day anti-inflammatories can work great in relieving the pain.
  • At this point elevating your foot and using ice regularly can make the rest of the pain go away quickly.


Treatment Step #3: Prevent it top of the foot gout pain from coming back!


  • Gout can happen for many reasons in many different people.
  • Basically the healthier you are the the better you eat, the less gout you will have.
  • If you are hydrating well, if your kidneys are working well and if you are able to get into reasonable health, gout attacks should be fairly limited.
  • If you do have a genetic reason or possibly a kidney issue, there are many medications available to help with your gout pain.
  • The most common medication in preventing frequent attacks is allopurinol, fortunately most people with gout attacks never get to this point where they need life long medication for their gout.


Treatment Step #4: Weigh the Pros and Cons of treating Foot Gout Long Term:


  • Most people never need to take life long gout medication. There are many pros and cons to taking medication.
  • Most gout attacks are not actually gout, we feel that gout is over represented, especially when it is really arthritis pain.
  • If you do have frequent attacks every year, and it really is gout, there are medications that can be taken.



Can you get gout on the side of the foot?


  • Yes, you can get get gout on the side of the foot. But it usually occurs on the inside of the foot, not the outside toward the 5th toe joint.
  • If gout is occuring in the smaller toes, or even the 5th toe, it will look like the picture below.
  • Gout can produce crystals known as tophi that cause you to get why cottage cheese like formations seen coming out of openings in your skin. Just like the 5th toe picture of gout located below here.
  • Gout usually occurs at the big toe joint.
  • Gout in the big toe joint is also known as podogra.
  • In this way gout can be on top of your foot.


Can you get gout on the side of the foot
Can you get gout on the side of the foot? Yes but it is very rare to get a gout attack here.



Can you get gout on the bottom of your foot?


  • Yes you can get gout on the bottom of your foot.
  • If the pain is severe enough, then it will radiate along the nerves along the bottom of the foot.
  • The real key to knowing if it is gout, is to check the symptoms: especially if it starts quickly.
  • This once again usually occurs only at the big toe joint, if it is not the big toe joint, then you likely have a different problem than gout.



Consider possible nerve pain in the pinky toe as an alternative to gout pain on the side of the foot:

Pain in the pinky toe is rarely gout.

Don’t let gout be an innocent bystander to your 5th toe pain.

Sharp Pain in Pinky Toe



Consider a pinched nerve as an alternative to gout on the top of your foot.


Gout on top of your foot is usually not gout at all based on what we see regularly.


  • The gout like pain on top of the foot is usually almost always irritation of the superficial peroneal nerve or the deep peroneal nerve.
  • Consider treating this pinched or irritated nerve on top of your foot.
  • If your gout attack is not usually in the big toe joint, then it is likely something else going on.

Pinched Nerve in Foot Treatment