How to Heal Toenail Fungus: Causes & Best Home Treatment 2019

Heal Toenail Fungus – 1st thing- AVOID Buying any Topical Cream Online – 95% have zero scientific evidence! Understand why you have fungus then correct it!




Causes of Toenail Fungus:


Symptoms of Toenail Fungus:



Understand how to Heal your Toenail Fungus before Blowing your $$$:

Yellow and deformed nails are different from nail fungus. This is very important, so I’ll say it again!

Nail fungus usually shows up after you already have yellow and deformed nails!

Dr. Bakotic, the leading foot and toenail dermatopatholigist states in recent medical studies that in 70% patients, the nail was thick and yellow before fungus even got there!


2 Things Need to Happen to Get Toenail Fungus

1)There needs to be some microtrauma or a traumatic injury to the toenail.

2)There needs to be decreased blood flow or immune suppression for the toenail to thrive.


If you have microtrauma but are otherwise healthy, you are in great shape to heal your toenail fungus.



Treatment Reviews

Use The Home Remedies only if you meet these criteria! Otherwise they will not work!

The home remedies and topical creams are not very effective on their own. They normally work under 40% when the conditions are right. If the conditions are not right, then there is virtually a 0% chance of them working. This does not mean that they are bad, you can combine for greater effect with strategies I will show you. There is also no harm in trying the easy solution first and seeing what happens. So see if you qualify for these home remedies:

Use Home Treatment or Over The Counter Medication if:

  • Area of nail involvement is under 50% of the total nail surface.
  • There is no ingrowing of the nails into the skin edges.
  • The nail is not painful.
  • The skin under and around the nail still looks normal and has not yet become thick.
  • No White, yellow, orange, brown streaks in the nail exist.


The Home Treatment Reviews:


A)Vick’s Vapor Rub Treatment:

  • A Spanish study states that Vick’s Vapor rub is very effective.
  • The Mayo Clinic states that while many people vouch for this treatment method, it is difficult to prove that the Vick’s Vapor Rub is effective.


Vick’s Vapor Rub contains ingredients which have been independently proven to have anti-fungal properties in studies.

  • Camphor (4.8%).
  • Thymol (1.2%).
  • Menthol (2.6%). 

B)Apple Cider Vinegar Soak Treatment

  • A Michigan State University (MSU) study shows that Vinegar has anti-fungal properties.
  • The MSU study has specifically to reduce nail fungus symptoms and even cure the fungus, but it was in very superficial fungus in completely healthy people.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar provides a inhospitable acidic environment for the fungus. It is common to hear stories about how pouring just a little bit on foot skin fungus has made people almost instantaneously better!


CListerine Treatment

There is much less research behind using Listerine for toenail fungus. But like vick’s vapor rub, there is a good amount of testimonials stating it works, and the ingredients are anti-fungal. Thus there has to be something behind it.

Listerine contains the ingredients which have been independently proven to have anti-fungal properties in studies.

  • Camphor.
  • Thymol.
  • Menthol.



Coming Soon:

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Over the Counter
  • Bleach
  • Hydrogen Perodixe
  • Oregano Oil
  • Vinegar oil
  • Laser Removal
  • Topical treatment
  • Clorox
  • Treatment boots
  • Get rid of naturally


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