Mass under the Toenail

A Mass under the Toenail can be a bone spur or an osteochondroma if it is very hard. It can also be a wart, a melanoma or another soft tissue cause if soft!


A Hard Mass Under the Toenail:

I’ve seen a toenail a few times where it looks like the nail is being raised and the edges are curving in leading to an ingrown toenail, but what it really was on X-ray was a subungual exostosis or a toe osteochondroma of the big toe joint. This is when a hard cartilage bump forms underneath the nail and pushes up against the toenail in the middle or even at the sides. Usually osteochondromas are pretty safe but if they start to cause pain and lift the toenail like this it may be a good idea to remove them as they will never go away unless you surgically excise them.


Mass under the Toenail
Mass under the Toenail


The healing time for a toe osteochondroma excision or surgery is pretty quick and in regards to the surgery recovery time you should be up on your feet in now time, and hopefully your ingrown toenail will never come back!

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A Soft Tissue Mass Under the Toenail:

There are also soft tissue masses that can develop under the toenail. It is possible to develop a wart under the border of the toenail. It is also possible to develop a mole that becomes quite large and starts to bleed under the toenail! This is definitely something to watch out for.

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Black Mass Under the Toenail in Runners:

If you have just recently started running, wearing new shoes or spending a long time on your feet, you may have a black spot under your toenail. This is usually just bleeding under the toenail and can be addressed through this guide.

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