Pain In Heel Of Foot

Pain In Heel Of Foot

Pain In Heel Of Foot: Pain is common both at the bottom and the back of the heel. The most common cause is inflammation underneath the heel.


Pain In Heel Of Foot
Click yes if you have pain in the heel of the foot!


Is Your Problem Pain At The Heel?

Note: Say no if it is mostly the arch or the front of the foot.

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Say Yes To Top Of Foot Pain If:

  • If the pain is at the bottom or the back of your heel.
  • If you have any heel bone pain.
  • If you have numbness, burning or tingling on the inside of the heel.

Say No To Top Of Foot Pain If:

  • If the problem not at the bottom, back or inside of your heel.
  • If the problem is mostly the foot arch.
  • If the problem is the toes.
  • If the problem is the toenails.



Pain In The Bottom Of The Heel:



Plantar Fasciitis:

Pain In Heel Of Foot
The #1 most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. About 15% of the world will suffer from this condition at one point in their lives.
  • This is the most common source of heel and arch pain.
  • It is worse in the morning & better with massage.
  • This is inflammation of the ligaments that support your foot arch.
  • This Includes heel spur treatment.

Foot Fat Pad Atrophy:

Heel Fat Pad Pain
Heel pain could also be caused due to fat pad atrophy. This can happen as you get older. See if you can push against the bone from the bottom of your foot easily.
  • If it feels like you do not have any fat pad cushion in your heel.

Heel Stress Fracture:

Pain In Heel Of Foot
A stress fracture is the onset of gradual aching pain. This is very common in high arched people that take up a new running activity.
  • This gradually onsets in high activity people starting a new activity.
  • It presents over days and weeks as an aching deep heel pain.

Bruised Heel:

  • This happens after long running or a big fall.

Stone Bruise:

  • This is a deep contusion after stepping on a stone.

Heel Pain After Running:

  • This is due to increased stress across the plantar fascia.


Pain In The Inside Of The Heel:

Posterior Tibial Nerve Entrapment:

  • The posterior tibial nerve runs along the back and inside of the ankle.
  • You will feel numbness, burning and tingling.
  • This is also on the inside of your heel.



Pain In The Back Of The Heel:

Achilles Tendinitis:

Achilles Heel Pain
Achilles tendinitis is extremely common in the back of the heel. It can be overworked in jumping and pushoff sports. Runner’s frequently suffer from this.
  • Achilles tendinitis is usually not related to a specific cause or injury.
  • It can happen gradually due to overuse in the back of the heel.
  • It onsets gradually, but one day it will really start to bother you.

Back Of The Heel Lump Or Bump:

Pain In Heel Of Foot
If you can feel a hard bony bump, it is likely calcification or a bone prominence. This is called a hagland’s bump.
  • This is also known as a Hagland’s bump.
  • This is actually the formation of a hard stiff bony prominence from the back of your heel.
  • It can push against the back of your shoe and cause pain.