Prevent Bad Toenail Fungus


People who have had toenail fungus must work harder to Prevent Bad Toenail Fungus from ever coming back. They are at increased risk due to the space under their nails! If you have had bad toenail fungus or are worried about it, the best way to prevent it is to keep it out from under the nail.

The Complete Toenail Fungus Treatment Guide

 A less pink nail bed makes the nail yellow, not the fungus!


Fungus can only get Under an Already Damaged Toenail:

If you are completely healthy and your toenails are free of inflammation, poor blood flow or microtrauma – you will probably never develop nail fungus. If you were tight shoes where your toenails are constricted and swollen , have stiff toes, overwork them or have hammer toes then fungus is able to enter through little microscopic cracks under and around your toenail. What makes it worse is if you have poor blood flow due to smoking, diabetes or any other systemic problem; your immune cells can’t get there to fight off the fungus.

Learn more at The Complete Toenail Fungus Treatment Guide


Prevent Bad Toenail Fungus

It is essential that you start to control your sweating, correct your footwear (and throw out the disgusting gym shoes!), use anti-sweat powders and use lysol to spray down your old shoes.


  • Control your sweating! People at risk for this are labor workers, people on their feet for a long time and athletes. It is not always possible to wear shoes that air out your feet. So get your hands on an anti-sweat powder like gold bond or ask your pharmacist what they have available in the local drug store.  If you can wear sandals or a non-occlusive shoe or sock. Wear that too!


  • Wearing socks if you were not previously using them can be fantastic. The best socks for summer are synthetic socks and the best socks for winter may be wool socks, these decrease friction and prevent callus formation. Combine this method with the vasoline or petroleum jelly method above to greatly decrease friction.

Bad Shoes

  • Use a Brannock device to measure your proper shoe size. Most people increase their foot size as they get old. Use this the metal foot measuring device available at running shoe stores and the podiatrist’s office to get sized.

Throw Out Old Shoes

  • Don’t go crazy and throw out all shoes, but if they are really and smell maybe its time to get a nice new pair. If you decide to keep the shoes, at least  use Lysol to spray them down heavily at the very least.


Prevent Bad Toenail Fungus
Prevent Bad Toenail Fungus



  • Get gold bond or other anti-sweat foot gear.


  • Spray down all the shoes and socks that you have worn since you’ve had the fungus, or at least power wash everything a few times!


Stop Foot Fungus As Well:

Foot Fungus if not stopped can also just as easily crawl up your leg and re-infect you!

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The Complete Toenail Fungus Treatment Guide



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