The Best Swollen Feet, Ankles & Legs Home Treatment 2019

Do you have swollen feet, ankles or legs? The best treatment options for you in 2019 are still elevating your feet, icing, great compression and removing the cause! We will show you how to do it!




top 5 ways to decrease leg pain and swelling

Avg foot increase a size from morning to night time.
Reduce pain during the day.

elevate over the heart

compression socks – they feel good, studies are mixed

compression pants – also feel good, studies are mixed, but they definitely work.

ice for 10-15 minutes: research is theoretical, get rid of chronic inflammation.

good shoes and good orthotics

Wear house shoes, this makes a huge difference.

feet swelling 1/2 a size ever day.

help for surgery

knee or hip surgery as well.

stocking donner

Unna boot wraps

Excercises: ankle pumps, push down and up.
studies show simply stepping on the foot can help.
Compression boots that push fluid up into the leg

Straight leg raises.



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