heloma durum

Heloma Durum [Treatment & Pictures] Heloma Durum (AKA Foot Corn): This is just another name for a hard foot corn. Learn what to do! These usually appear in the forefoot and are deep tissue calluses. https://youtu.be/-uCHjVNCElE A heloma durum is a hard corn that can happen on the toes or usually the ball of the … Read more

heloma molle

Heloma Molle [Causes, Best Home Treatment & Heloma Molle Removal] Heloma Molle is commonly referred to as a “soft” foot corn.  We review home treatment options & heloma molle removal in the office!     Heloma Molle Overview: A foot corn is a hard and painful skin bump that makes walking very painful. There are … Read more

Foot Corn Removal Surgery [Causes & Best Treatment] Foot corn removal surgery is not needed 95+% of the time. So you are in luck! Follow our foot corn removal process today! Look! Corns can be really painful! Some early options are great shoes & seeing a  podiatrist. We also offer our video thoughts below! If … Read more