White Spots On Nails

White Spots On Nails. These can be due to one of 4 major causes: Keratin Granulations, Leukonychia, Fungus and Systemic Problems. Learn how to fix it!



Are White Spots On Nails Dangerous:


  • No!
  • It is very common to white spots on your fingernails and toenails.
  • In almost all cases you have absolutely nothing to worry about.
  • The vast majority of white spots on your nails are due to superficial nail damage such as drying out or scraping your nails.
  • Occasionally they can be due to a superficial fungus leftover from nail polish, but this is also very easily treatable.
  • In a minor amount of situations nails can turn white due to severe medical conditions and poor nutrition.
  • If you are worried about a severe medical condition that may be decreasing your health, go see a doctor! Don’t be reading this website for those kinds of problems.


White Spots On Nails
White Spots On Nails due to nail scrapping. This is called leukonychia.



White Spots On Nails Causes:


  • The most common causes of white spots on fingernails and toenails are due to non-dangerous causes.
  • Keratin granulations – which is the dehydration or drying out of the fingernails. This is usually due to nail polish application and removal.
  • Leukonychia – this is the fancy way of saying you have scraped your nails. This is more common if your nails are dry and constantly irritated.
  • Superficial fungus nail fungus called superficial white onychomycosis. Don’t worry, this is probably the most easily treatable form of nail fungus!
  • It is also possible to have systemic problems, but at this point you will already be seeing a physician for those problems.
  • Read further in this guide to learn how to solve each of these types of problems.



Is It Possible To Treat My White Spots On Nails?


  • Yes!
  • It is possible to get the white spots to go away in all cases.
  • It is not something genetic that will keep coming back like hair color.
  • It is possible to make your nails healthier through treatment; and it is possible to prevent these white spots from ever coming back and bothering you!


White Spots On Nails Treatment:


This treatment guide will list the most common to least common causes for white spots. This is a quick synopsis of what causes each and what to do about them!


1)Keratin Granulations from Nail Polish

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What are keratin granulations?

  • The fingernails and toenails are made up of protein molecules called keratin. When the keratin becomes dehydrated or dried out, they turn into a white chalky substance. This white chalky substance is called keratin granulations.
  • This is a very tricky and diagnosis because they are not dangerous. Superficial white onychomycosis on the other hand is more dangerous and can should be treated, thus all white marks on the nails are diagnosed as superficial white onychomycosis.



Keratin granulations are very treatable!

Since keratin granulations are caused by dehydration, the goal is to re-hydrate the nails!


White Spots On Nails
Severe Keratin Granulations!


This is the basic treatment guide for keratin granulations:

  1. Obtain an emollient, oil or any other moisturizing agent.
  2. Apply the moisturizing agent to the fingernails or toenails before bed every night.
  3. Also apply these moisturizing agents after showering or getting your hands wet. Water can actually dry out the nails even further!
  4. If you are using nail polish or nail polish remover, this may be the cause of your nails drying out. I’m not saying to stop, but it may take longer to get better if you keep using these.
  5. After a few days or weeks the nail will start getting better.
  6. If your nails do not get better after this treatment, it may take approximately 6-12 months to grow out new fingernails or toenails.
  7. The nails grow at approximately 1 millimeter per month. So if your nail is 10 millimeters long, you will be waiting approximately 10 months. Sorry for the bad news!


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  • This guide will give you a more expanded guide on how to take care of this problem. How to moisturize your nails, and how to get them to grow back faster!




2)White Spots Due To Trauma.

White Spots On Nails
Keratin molecule. These are the proteins that make up your nail plate. When damaged they will turn white.


What are white spots due to nail trauma?

  • The medical name for this is leukonychia. It is very similar to keratin granulations as above. But this condition is due more to trauma rather than drying out.  This is more difficult to heal through moisturizing, but still worth an attempt.
  • Your nail is composed of a protein called keratin. When keratin is damaged it will turn white.
  • Keratin damage is not dangerous, but in this case it can be irreversible. You may have to wait for you new nail plate to grow out.

White Patches On Toenails

This is the basic treatment guide for leukonychia:

  1. As mentioned above in the keratin granulations guide, you will have to wait a long period of time for your nails to grow out.
  2. It is possible to try moisturizing your nails as for the keratin granulations above. The odds of this working are much lower.
  3. The bad news is that toenails and fingernails only grow at a rate of 1 millimeter per month.
  4. This means 6-9 months for toenails and potentially even longer for fingernails. This is assuming that your nails are approximately 6-9 millimeters long from the site of injury.
  5. Fun Fact: Nails grow up to 50% faster in the summer over the winter.

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  • For more on how to get your nails to grow back faster and stronger, take a look at the keratin granulation treatment guide.
  • This guide will give you a more expanded guide on how to take care of this problem. How to moisturize your nails, and how to get them to grow back faster!


3) White Spots Due To Fungus.


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What is superficial white onychomycosis?


Nail fungus is very difficult to separate from keratin granulations. If you are diagnosing this at home and are worried that it may be fungus, it is probably best to get it confirmed by a podiatrist.

Don’t be worried if you are not 100% sure, it is possible to treat your nails as keratin granulations. If the treatment above does not work, then it may be superficial onychomycosis and you can treat it then.


White Spots On Nails
Superficial White Onychomycosis.


 Home Treatment for superficial white onychomycosis:


  • Treatment can be rather complex for most types of nail fungus.
  • The beauty is that this nail fungus is not underneath the nail but on top of it.
  • Most antifungal creams and ointments should be able to do the job and take care of this problem!
  • Go see your podiatrist and get some topical antifungal cream and it should be gone very quickly.
  • If you are on any immunosuppressing medication, suspect this.
  • If you need to know more about toenail fungus in general click on the picture above.



4)White Spots On Nails Due To Systemic Problems.

White Spots On Nails
See your physician if you suspect any serious problems with your health or nutrition.

If the white spots on nails are not like those described above, go see your podiatrist!  Ask yourself the following questions below:

  • Do you suffer from any severe medical conditions?
  • Are you on a large amount of prescription medications?
  • Do you not get enough vitamins and nutrients?

If this applies to you go see your podiatrist or foot doctor.



Good Luck with the White Spots On Nails!



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