Are Spinal Cord Stimulators Worth It? [Neuropathy & Chronic Pain]

Are Spinal Cord Stimulators Worth It? [Neuropathy & Chronic Pain]

🦶Spinal cord stimulators (SCS) are medical devices that can be used to manage chronic pain, including peripheral neuropathy and back pain. They work by delivering electrical impulses to the spinal cord, which modify or interrupt the pain signals traveling to the brain.This process can help alleviate pain and improve overall quality of life for individuals suffering from chronic pain conditions.🦶

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These links should give you some local doctors & more information regarding stimulators. Check with a doctor and you can do a 1 week trial to see if it is effective for you.

Here’s how spinal cord stimulators typically work:

Trial Period: Before implanting a permanent device, a temporary trial period is conducted to determine the effectiveness of the therapy. During this phase, a temporary lead or electrode is placed near the spinal cord, and the patient uses an external stimulator to deliver electrical impulses.

Implantation: If the trial period is successful and the patient experiences significant pain relief, the next step is to proceed with the permanent implantation. A small pulse generator, similar to a pacemaker, is placed under the skin, usually in the abdomen or buttock area. Electrodes are inserted near the spinal cord, and they are connected to the pulse generator via thin wires.

Stimulation Parameters: Once the system is implanted, the patient works closely with their healthcare provider to adjust the stimulation parameters to achieve optimal pain relief. The settings can be adjusted based on individual needs and preferences.

Benefits of Spinal Cord Stimulators:

Pain Relief: Spinal cord stimulators can provide significant pain relief for various chronic pain conditions, including peripheral neuropathy and back pain. They offer an alternative for individuals who may have not responded to other conservative treatments.

Reduced Medication Dependency: By managing pain through electrical stimulation, spinal cord stimulators can potentially reduce the need for pain medications. This can help minimize the side effects and risks associated with long-term medication use.

Improved Functionality: Chronic pain can limit one’s ability to perform daily activities. Spinal cord stimulators may improve functionality by reducing pain, allowing individuals to engage in activities they were previously unable to enjoy.

Reversibility: Unlike some surgical interventions, spinal cord stimulators are reversible. If the device does not provide the desired pain relief or if the patient’s condition changes, the system can be removed without causing permanent damage.

It’s important to note that spinal cord stimulation is not suitable for everyone, and it requires careful patient selection and evaluation by a healthcare professional. Potential candidates typically undergo comprehensive assessments to determine if they are suitable for this type of therapy.

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