Dr. Tom Biernacki DPM:

Dr. Tom Biernacki DPM wants yo be your choice for a podiatrist in Brighton Mi, Howell Mi and Ann Arbor Mi. Find out why Dr. Biernacki is one of the best foot & ankle surgeons in the area!



Thank You For Being My Patient:

I feel very blessed and fortunate to be able to share my training to be able to help the patients in Livingston County, Washtenaw and Ann Arbor. I take great pride, and I am very humbled that you would let me care for you and fix your foot and ankle problems.

There is no greater honor than being able to take care of your health. Treating your health conditions is a privilege that I remember and am grateful for every single day, it is my pledge that I will treat you no different than I would my mother or father.

Thank you for considering to be my patient!


My Background:

From a very young age, I always knew that I want to be a doctor. Medicine runs in my family, my dad was in the bio-medical field, and my aunts and uncles were also physicians. I remember from a young age being exposed to the hospital environment, and it was instilled in me that helping people would be one of my driving forces throughout life!

When I was young, my family went through a period of transition, my parents, sibling and I escaped Poland with little to no money as communism swept across the country. We moved to Germany and after staying there for a few years. With some amazing and generous family help, we were able to find work in Canada.

At around high school age I made my way south down to Tennessee to attend the University of Memphis Tennessee to complete a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. Following that excellent experience, I moved back to the Michigan area to pursue a biochemistry Master’s degree in the University of Windsor just across the Detroit River from Michigan! At that time, I was exposed to volunteering in the hospital environment, and playing college football.

At this time, I met my amazing wife Christina who would forever lock me into the Detroit Michigan area. My travels were not over, I decided to pursue a fantastic medical opportunity as podiatrist. I embarked upon a four-year medical degree, which I completed at the Kent State University of podiatric medicine, this was associated with Cleveland University hospitals and the Cleveland clinic hospital.  I then did a little bit more traveling, completing my surgical residency at St. Joseph Hospital in Ann Arbor and Livonia the next four years. I then completed two rounds of fellowship training at the University of Texas, and a second fellowship stint at St. Joseph presence Hospital in downtown Chicago. Following this 15+ years of training, I have been blessed to traveled to learn from some of the most amazing and well-known foot and ankle surgeons in the world! These courses and training programs have had a major part in shaping our practice and their treatment protocols.

My wife, Christina and I have two beautiful daughters. They are currently at a very young age, but we do own a house and live in Livingston County. We pride ourselves as being a part of the community, in more ways than just being your foot and ankle specialist! My wife Christina is a hospital-based dietitian, who specializes in diabetes, as well as heart and kidney diseases. We are very close family, we have always made it a point to be together a dinner every night. We have stayed in the Michigan area as our family is currently here, and there is nowhere else we would rather be!


My Treatment Goals for You:

As a guy podiatric physician, my primary goal is to save you as much money as possible, use as little medication or surgery as possible, and to get you back working and walking as soon as possible!

The best way to usually do this, is to avoid any procedures or surgery. For the vast majority of the problems we see, there is a nonsurgical solution. By avoiding surgery, we can at least get you somewhat better first!

This is the true benefit of seeing a podiatrist, we are able to see problems from a non-surgery and non-procedure or medication route first, but if the need is there, are very well trained in foot and ankle procedures. This is the main difference of seeing a podiatrist, we focus on doing as little invasive as possible. We are not dependent on the hospital or the surgery center making money! Our most important consideration is you!


My Pledge To You:

I take great pride, and I am very humbled that you would let me care for you and fix your foot and ankle problems.

There is no greater honor than being able to take care of your health.

Treating your health conditions is a privilege that I remember and am grateful for every single day, it is my pledge that I will treat you no different than I would my mother or father, brother or sister.

Treating your foot and ankle pain is a privilege, one that I am grateful for every single day. There is nothing else I would rather be doing!

Podiatrist and Foot Doctor in Howell Michigan:

Podiatrist Howell Michigan: Tuesdays and Fridays

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Podiatrist and Foot Doctor in Brighton Michigan:

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Podiatrist and Foot Doctor in Dexter Michigan:

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The Best Choice for Your Podiatrist and Foot Doctor:

  • Dr. Tom Biernacki appreciates the importance of spending the time to understand the patient’s concerns and desired outcomes.
  • He makes this a priority for each patient during their consultation.
  • He tries to create an atmosphere where patients feel comfortable expressing their problem, asking questions, discussing the surgical plan and the expected outcome in a very detailed, concerned and compassionate way.
Dr. Tomasz Biernacki DPM: Podiatrist and Foot Doctor in Brighton Mi, Howell Mi and Ann Arbor Mi.


Dr. Tom Biernacki – Surgical Training:

  • Following his doctoral studies, Dr. Biernacki completed a 3 year podiatric surgical residency at St. Mary & St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Michigan. The podiatric surgery program was designed to provide both conservative and surgical training essential to being an excellent podiatrist and foot doctor. Dr. Biernacki then completed two travelling fellowships following his residency. The first fellowship was at University of Texas with Dr. Thomas Zgonis at the University of Texas and a second at St. Joseph Hospital in Chicago with Dr. Edguardo Rodriguez.



Why You Should Choose Dr. Tom Biernacki:

  • Dr. Biernacki is trained and experienced in all phases of foot and ankle care. He offers both conservative and surgical care ranging from biomechanics, conservative care, sports medicine, big toe and hammertoe surgery as well as more complex reconstructive ankle and leg surgery. He really appreciates the opportunity to sit down with his patients, face-to-face, and explain why they have pain and what can be done to “fix it.”
  • Dr. Biernacki enjoys teaching and is on the training staff at St. Mary Hospital and St. Joseph Mercy Hospital for the podiatric surgical residency. When not treating patients, Dr. Biernacki likes spending his free time playing Ultimate frisbee and swimming.




  • University of Memphis – Undergraduate Degree.
  • University of Windsor – Masters in Science.
  • Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine.
  • Podiatric Surgical Residency, St. Mary Mercy Hospital.
  • Travelling Fellowship, University of Texas San Antonio.
  • Travelling Fellowship, St. Joseph Presence Hospital Chicago.


Professional Organizations:

  • American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.
  • American Board of Podiatric Surgery.
  • American Board of Podiatric Medicine.
  •         Fellow of American Microsurgery & Orthoplastics Society.
  •         American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgeons.



  • American Podiatric Medical Association
  • Michigan Podiatric Medical Association


Teaching Appointments:

  • Teaching Staff, St. Mary & St. Joseph Mercy, Podiatric Residency


Dr. Tomasz Biernacki DPM
Dr. Tomasz Biernacki DPM


Dr. Tom Biernacki DPM Qualifications:



  • Current: Practicing Physician at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists in Michigan.
  • Background: Emigrated from Poland to Germany to Canada to USA.
  • Languages: English since birth, Polish, non-fluent French, Non-fluent Spanish.
  • Family: Very happily married 6 years, No Children.
  • Personality: Very outgoing, energetic and always positive.
  • Hobbies: Ultimate Frisbee, swimming and wrestling/football coaching.



  • ABPM Associate Member: 2016- current: American Board of Podiatric Medicine.
  • ABFAS Associate Member: 2017-current: American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery: Qualified in Foot and Qualified in Ankle Procedure.
  • University of Texas: January-February 2017 with Dr. Thomas Zgonis. Diabetic Reconstruction and Orthoplastic Fellowship.
  • St. Joseph Presence Hospital Chicago: February- March 2017 with Dr. Edguardo Rodriguez: Orthoplastic and Microsurgical Fellowship.
  • AMOS Fellowship: 2017 to current : American Microsurgical and Orthoplastic Society- Active member in good standing.



  • Kent State College of Podiatric Medicine- 4.00 GPA, #1/135 rank in class, Valedictorian
  • University of Memphis- Biochemistry degree with physics minor 4.00 GPA, #1 rank, Valedictorian
  • MCAT- Top 4% Overall, Top 1% Biology, 3% Physics
  •  St. Clair College & University Of Windsor Courses: Language & Biochemistry- 4.00 GPA



  • University of Windsor Master in Biochemistry- 2 years purifying, sequencing and analyzing protein- Many presentations & posters.
  • Metatarsal Protrusion Index Article- JFAS Journal
  • Anesthetic Lidocaine & Bupivicaine Review- The Foot Journal.
  • Perirectal Mucinous Adenocarcinoma Review- IM Journal – St. Vincent Hospital, Cleveland.
  • C-sign prevalence in Flat Foot – The Foot Journal
  • Titanium Allergy – JFAS Journal – Pending.
  • Delayed Pediatric Achilles Repair – Orthopedic Traumatology Journal – Pending
  • Bone Biopsy Frozen Section Technique – JFAS Journal – Pending.
  • Posters – Approximately 2-3 x 7 years, including MPMA, hospital, medical school competitions.



  • Valedictorian –Kent State Medical School.
  • Valedictorian –University of Memphis.
  • Michigan Podiatric Medical Association: Winner – resident presentation for two consecutive years.
  • Midwest Podiatry Conference: Top Group of Original Research Presentations.
  • Trinity Healthy System: Top 3 Presentation for two consecutive years.
  • Academic All-Canadian & OUA conference All-Academic Team: University of Windsor Football.
  • Academic player of the year: University of Windsor Football.
  • Voted tutor of the year at UofM (out of 35+ tutors) and invited to dinner with UofM school president.


Medical School

  • APMA School Representative- 4 years.
  • Membership: APMA, ACFAS, AAPPM, MPMA, Honors Fraternity.
  • Class Government Elected Member- Class Secretary – 4 years.
  • Created Boards Study Review course – 4 year tutoring.



  • A Founding member of Windsor Ultimate Frisbee League: WindsorUltimate.com, grew to over 300 members with 4 fields and our own private park since 2004. Indoor Season & Outdoor year round.
  • University of Windsor Football Team – 2 year starter at Safety/Linebacker.
  • 3 year captain for Essex Ravens Football club (21 and under)- selected to national team at Super bowl.
  •  Team Canada u19 Football: Represented Team Ontario & Team Canada.