What a Podiatrist Can Do For YOU!

Walking Analysis Podiatrist [Get A Podiatrist & Foot Doctor Analysis]

Do you have pain while walking? A podiatrist walking analysis or foot doctor walking analysis can HELP the pain GO AWAY!
Michigan Podiatrist Walking Analysis

How do we perform a podiatrist walking analysis?

We perform the walking analysis not by watching you run, but by evaluating your biomechanics, your legs and your muscles.

  • This is different than a running coach that can train you, this is instead a medical evaluation and treatment.
  • This is also known as a gait analysis.
  • This means we will assess your feet for bunions, hammer toes, over pronation or supination.
  • We will assess which muscles are tight such as your foot muscles, your ankle and calf muscles, or your hamstring and thigh muscles. 
  • We can even evaluate your glutes, your lower back and your hips.
  • This means getting the right shoes.
  • This means getting the right orthotics.
  • This means getting the right ankle braces.
  • This means the right exercises, stretches and treatments.
  • This means NOT wasting more time doing the wrong treatments!

COME see a podiatrist such as Dr. Tom Biernacki today for a running analysis.

What a Podiatrist Can Do For YOU!

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11 Reasons To Choose US!

  1. πŸ₯‡ We work hard for YOUR Satisfaction. (If you’re not 100% satisfied with your appointment, we WILL do everything we can to FIX IT for you.) Terms & Conditions.
  2. 🦢The BEST Podiatrists: Board Certified in Foot Surgery & Board Certified in Podiatric Medicine for all of your foot & ankle needs!
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  7. 🏠 If you cannot come to see us due to health issues or immobility… We can come to see YOU!
  8. πŸ’‰ The BEST Tools: In-office X-ray, In-office fluoroscopy, In-office ultrasound, injections, skin treatment, and in-office surgical suite. We are trained to use the NEWEST equipment.
  9. πŸ“ž You Can Take Up Our Offer for a Phone or Telehealth Consult With Our Podiatry Team before you arrive if you are unsure if we can help you.
  10. πŸ₯ A professional cutting edge surgical suite staffed by residency trained Board Certified Foot & Ankle Surgeons: Minimally Invasive Surgery!
  11. πŸ‘£You Get Treated By Podiatrists Who Specialize In the Foot & Ankle, So They KNOW What’s Needed To Get You Back On Your Feet.
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What a Podiatrist Can Do For YOU!

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