Keratin Granulations Treatment

Keratin Granulations Treatment

Keratin Granulations Treatment is very cheap and easy to perform right at home. Within a week or two your nails should start looking cured!

Keratin granulations are the result of excessive dehydration of the keratin molecules that have turned into a chalk like substance on your nail surface; they are completely harmless and are easily corrected with a few weeks of moisturizing treatments. A common differential diagnosis of white stains on your nails is superficial white onychomycosis (which is what most doctors will tell you that you have this because it is more dangerous), – but keratin granulations are more likely, especially if they  appear after removing nail polish.

What are Keratin Granulations?

Keratin granulations occur because the nail polish dehydrates the nail plate which is composed of molecules called keratin. These molecules clump together into a white powder that looks like chalk or a white stain on the nail.


Why is this a difficult diagnosis?

The confusing part of keratin granulations is that any podiatrist or dermatologist you go to will likely assume that your keratin granulations are really superficial white onychomycosis and start you up on medications to treat the fungus. I never even heard of keratin granulations until I heard of a situation where treatment for superficial white onychomycosis just was not working for a long time.

The reason for so little understanding of keratin granulations is because superficial white onychomycosis is more common and more dangerous, leaving it untreated can lead to eventual consequences, but leaving keratin granulations usually has no downside.

No one ever thinks to diagnose or treat keratin granulations- because it is mostly just a cosmetic problem that no one is ever worried about long term from a medical standpoint.


Who is more likely to get it?

It is more likely to occur in older patients that visit nail salons and that use nail polish heavily, but it is still possible in young patients.


Is it dangerous?

No, just moisturize your nails and you should be fine; Even if you don’t moisturize your nails you should still be fine after a while without applying any more nail polish.The condition should clear up in a couple days to a couple weeks.


Keratin Granulations Treatment


Keratin Granulations Treatment At Home

Primary Treatment

1) Moisturizing Agent – If you have a moisturizing agent at home like Vaseline, any lotion or even oil apply this to your nail at night before you go to bed. It has been recommended that you try 10-15 minute soaks in olive oil as well by a couple magazines and I’ve heard this works.

2)Cuticle Cream- This is very similar to the moisturizing agent- Burt’s Bees Wax works very well and you can apply it in the morning and throughout the day, there are other brands so just use what you are more comfortable with, they all work!

3)Easy on the nail polish- Be careful with how much nail polish you are use. Nail Polish contains dehydrating agents that cause your nail to dry while you are wearing them, this doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing polish permanently, just until your nail clears up.

Secondary Treatment

1)Wear Gloves- If you are working with strong chemicals like bleach, vinegar or any other harmful agent- wear some gloves! This will give your nails a chance to heal while avoiding damage.

2)Be conscious of nail damaging activities- If you work with your hands- is it possible to protect them with gloves, or maybe just apply cuticle cream to keep them from being damaged as much.

3)Multivitamin- There are a large amount of people suggesting nail damage may be due to a lack of vitamins(especially biotin), research is limited and inconclusive in this regard, but it is entirely possible that this may be happening to you, so if you feel better- take some multivitamins!

4)Drink water and stay healthy with exercise- It is proven that with better hydration, sunlight and exercise your nails grow faster!


**If it is not getting better suspect that you may have superficial white onychomycosis- but don’t worry- this is the most easily treatable nail fungus and you shouldn’t have any problems getting rid of it.  Visit our Toenail Onychomycosis page for more.