Dry Feet Remedies

Dry Feet Remedies: The major causes of dry cracked feet are simple chronic dehydration and possibly athlete’s foot fungus. Find out what to do!





Dry Cracked Feet Causes:

  • The bottom of the foot has a large concentration of sweat glands.
  • But there are not oil secreting glands, this puts the foot at risk for dehydration.
  • It is very important for the sole of the foot to be well moisturized.
  • This is especially important after bathing or showering.
  • The sole of the foot is also susceptible to athlete’s foot fungus.
  • Foot fungus is to be suspected in diabetics and if you have toenail fungus.


Risk Factors For Dry Peeling Feet:

  • Frequent bathing or showering without moisturizing (wet dry feet).
  • Older age.
  • Susceptibility to flaking or peeling on the face or scalp.
  • Eczema in other parts of the body.
  • Low humidity.
  • Harsh soaps or frequent soap use.
  • Suspect athlete’s foot fungus if you have toenail fungus or diabetes.


How To Cure Dry Cracked Feet:

  • The best way to cure your dry feet is to moisturize!
  • The second best way to cure your dry feet is to avoid the risk factors above.
  • Always moisturize after showering or bathing.
  • Try a different brand of soap.
  • Moisturize more in winter months.
  • If this still is not helping, suspect foot fungus or something else.


Very Dry Feet Treatment:

  • The universal moisturizing agent is petroleum jelly.
  • Petroleum jelly is cheap and available everywhere.
  • Almost all heavy duty moisturizers will work great.
  • Apply the petroleum jelly to the dry areas after getting your feet wet.
  • Apply the petroleum jelly at night before going to bed.
  • Avoid putting it between your toes!


Removing Thick Flaky Heel Skin:

  • After you soften up the dry skin with the petroleum jelly.
  • Get a pumice stone or an emery board.
  • The thick skin should come off very easily now!
  • If you feel pain, stop scraping the skin away!


Suspect Athlete’s Foot Fungus:


  • If these treatments do not resolve the dry skin after a few days or weeks, consider foot fungus.
  • This is the most common cause of dry skin in the world.
  • It effects your sole region and between the toes.
  • Home remedies work great on athlete’s foot fungus.
  • Unfortunately moisturizing alone will not make it go away.