Ganglion Cyst Foot Surgery Recovery Time [Causes & Best Treatment]

95% of the time, ganglion cyst foot surgery recovery time can be less than <1 day with ganglion cyst aspiration surgery.


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Ganglion Cyst Recovery Overview:

In most cases, the ganglion cyst is on top of the midfoot or the big toe; this means you can walk almost immediately.

  • The stitches should last about two weeks.
  • Surgery is the best way to prevent the recurrence of the cyst.
  • Aspiration of the ganglion cyst can lead to leads to recurrence.



Ganglionic Cysts

Ganglion Cyst Foot Surgery Recovery Time is Usually Fast!


Ganglion cyst big toe joint drainage

Ganglion Cyst Aspiration:

-This procedure produces almost immediate healing time as it is just a needle stick, but the recurrence of the ganglion cyst in your toe, foot, or ankle is almost 50% in a 1 year period.


How long does aspiration take?

  • The aspiration of a ganglion cyst generally takes about 15 minutes in the office.
  • If imaging is performed of your foot and ankle, it is usually safe to aspirate it.
  • But we usually do cleanse the site. We do use local anesthesia in terms of a numbing injection.
  • At this point, a syringe can be used to drain the cyst with essentially one poke!


What happens after aspiration?

  • After aspiration of the ganglion cyst is performed, a biopsy of the fluid is performed.
  • This is called a soft tissue or aspiration biopsy.
  • Sometimes there is the risk of a problem developing, such as a cancerous cell within the cyst.
  • Sometimes it might not be a ganglion cyst.
  • But don’t worry, this is extremely rare. We want to be 100% sure for you!



Ganglion Cyst Surgery:

  • Ganglion cyst surgery longer healing time than a ganglion cyst aspiration.
  • The difference is taking one to two weeks to set up and operating room time, or perhaps even longer depending on how urgent the procedure is.
  • If an incision is made, it will have more swelling and more pain.
  • If aspiration is performed, there is basically no need for sutures and was simply a needle poked at the site.


Ganglion surgery or ganglion aspiration?

  • If at all possible, we always try to aspirate first.
  • In some circumstances, the cyst can come back numerous times, and it doesn’t make sense to continue aspirating.
  • Depending on numerous factors, such as the site, or the extent of the cyst, or if it is around a neurovascular structure, it will make sense to surgery rather than repeated injections or drainages.


Is the Ganglionic cyst on top of the foot or the bottom of the foot?


If the ganglion cyst incision is on the top of the foot?


  • The recovery is near-instant!
  • You can probably start walking immediately after the surgery if the incision is fairly small.
  • You will just have to wear a thick bandage and take some pain medication for the first couple of weeks until your sutures can be removed.
  • This usually takes 7-14 days for suture removal, and then it can take another 1-3 months for the wound to close up completely.



If the ganglion cyst incision is on the bottom of the foot?


  • The recovery time can take a little longer in this case.
  • You will probably be in an offloaded surgical shoe for 2-3 weeks (but still walking depending on the surgeon).
  • This is a precaution taken to prevent the would from opening up.
  • The goal is to avoid infection and serious wound closure problems.



Is the ganglion cyst huge?

  • The larger the ganglion cyst, the larger the incision needs to be.
  • There is no specific number to this, but you will heal faster if you have a small incision!


Is it near a large nerve or blood vessel?

  • Generally, larger incision lines need a longer time to heal.
  • The standard incision for a ganglion cyst is approximately 1-3 cm and results in about a week of swelling and then 2-3 months to strengthen the wound closure.
  • If the ganglion cyst is near a large nerve or blood vessel, the surgeon will likely take more precautions and advise you to be non-weight bearing and wear a large bandage.



Do you have any other health or social issues?

  • Smoking: This can delay healing time greatly, stop smoking, and you will be off your feet a shorter time guaranteed!
  • Heart Disease and Diabetes: These two conditions will also have to be considered by your surgeon.
  • How much do you weigh? Usually, someone who weighs 100 pounds does not have the same problems healing as someone who weighs 300 pounds. Usually, the lighter the person, the faster you can heal overall, and the easier it will be to walk around without significant problems.
  • What is your overall required activity level? Someone who doesn’t have any kids around the house does not have to walk stairs and generally has a much easier time. For example, if you have four kids that you have to watch when you get home, odds are it will take a little bit longer to heal, and you will be sore for a longer period of time.
  • Are you an optimistic or depressed person? Generally, people with a high energy level and optimism overall will have better long-term reported results.


Ganglion Cyst Home Treatment:

Unfortunately, there is no home treatment that you can do safely at home.

This does need to be either:

  • 1)Monitored.
  • 2) Aspirated by a podiatrist or specialist.
  • 3) Surgically excised by a podiatrist or specialist.




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Consider Plantar Fibroma:

  • Consider a plantar fibroma as a cause of the lump on the bottom of your foot.
  • We frequently see patients present with this condition believing it is a ganglion cyst.
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