Shin Pain

Differential Diagnosis


  1. Tibia or Fibula Stress Fractures

  2. Tibia or Fibula Periosteal Contusion

  3. Tibia or Fibula Fracture

  4. Tibial Periostitis

  5. Chronic Compartment Syndrome (Deep Posterior or Anterior)

Note: There are several features for Differentiating Shin Pain

Less Common

  1. Referred pain from the Lumbar Spine, Neural Structures, Superior Tibiofibular Joint or Ankle

  2. Pes Anserine Tendinitis or Bursitis

  3. Osgood-Schlatter Disease

  4. Chronic Peroneal Compartment Syndrome

  5. Entrapment Syndrome of Popliteal Artery, Anterior Tibial Artery, or Superficial Peroneal Nerve