Reasons for Pain in the Heel of the Foot

Reasons for Pain in the Heel of the Foot



The reasons for pain in the heel of the foot are usually at the bottom of the heel and it usually presents as foot pain in the morning in the bottom of the foot. It is common to have pain anywhere from the arch all the way to the back where the Achilles tendon attaches. So start treating your heel pain now!


Reasons for Pain in the Heel of the Foot
Reasons for Pain in the Heel of the Foot.

Most Likely

  1. Plantar Fasciitis.

  2. Pain in the Heel Bone.

  3. Bottom Foot Pain in Arch and Heel.

  4. Pain in Back Heel of Foot.

  5. Painful Foot Arch.

  6. The Outside of the Foot.

  7. Sprained Arch.

  8. Cramps in the Arch.

  9. Bruised Heel.

  10. Stone Bruise.


Less Likely

  1. Outside of the Ankle.
  2. Front of the Ankle.
  3. Calf Pain.
  4. Middle of the Ankle.
  5. Shin Pain.


Associated Conditions:

  • Flat Foot.


Reasons for Pain in the Heel of the Foot.

The most common cause of heel pain is a condition know as plantar fasciitis. This is a condition which arises from overuse and inflammation of the ligaments of the arch. These ligaments run as essential a continuation of the Achilles tendon along the heel to the bottom of the toes. These ligaments make sure that your foot can push off the ground.


Heel Pain is the Most Common Type of Foot Pain.

As a Podiatrist, heel pain is the most common cause of pain that I see on a daily basis. It is reported by some studies that up to 15% of the American population is suffering or at one time was suffering from plantar fasciitis. So don’t despair, it’s not only you who is suffering from this disorder.


This Heel Pain Treatment has Four Stages.

Our heel pain treatment guide focuses on four stages of treatment. The first is making sure you have what you actually have. It is very wasteful to treat something that you don’t have- so don’t do it! Then we focus home treatment, then over the counter treatment, then we outline the surgical treatments.