Soft Lump on Foot or Ankle

A Soft Lump on Foot or Ankle is almost always a “Plantar Lipoma”, this is simply the formation of a slow growing fatty tissue. Its actually quite common on the bottom of the foot and its nothing that you should be overly worried about. A lipoma is the most common formation of extra tissue or  tumor growth(but its not dangerous); it is non-cancerous and its nothing to worry about.


What Should I Do?

  • Usually nothing needs to be done.
  • This is the most common soft tissue mass in the population
  • These are technically tumors but very common.
  • They are non-cancerous.
  • An evaluation by your podiatrist or foot doctor should be done if you are concerned.
  • If they are uncomfortable they can be removed.
  • Unfortunately surgery is sometimes considered cosmetic unless there is pain.

Is it dangerous if Painful?

It is almost never dangerous, and if it is not causing pain then it doesn’t even require treatment. The only time is is even something to worry about is when it is in an unusually spot and compressing against a nerve or artery, then it may have to be removed. It can also be removed if it is in a pressure bearing area that makes it uncomfortable to walk, but otherwise there is nothing to worry about.


Can it be removed if there is Pain?

Unless your podiatrist or foot doctor determines that it is causing you pain or it is dangerous, these are usually considered cosmetic surgeries and some insurance companies will not pay the money to have this tumor removed.


Treatment of Soft Lumps in the Foot or Ankle

The only real treatment is to have surgery to have the lipoma removed, there is no medication you can take or change in lifestyle that will make this extra fat tissue go away.


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