Corns on Feet Removal At Home

This page is dedicated to providing you information about the different possible treatments for corns and some basic information about what corns are. For more information about corns, visit our Heloma molle and Heloma Durum pages.

AKA Heloma Durum or Heloma Molle

Plantar Warts vs Corns vs Calluses [TOP 20 BEST Home Remedies]

Corns on Feet Removal – Corns are small pebble-like calluses that cause deep tissue pain. Learn how to pop them out and stay pain-free for months!


What Is A Foot Corn?

A foot corn is a uniquely shaped callus that resembles a pebble or a corn kernel; it almost seems like you stepped on a little rock. Because of its shape, the corn concentrates the pressure into a small pinpoint area. This causes deep tissue pain and potential ulceration.


And another video for a simple corn removal therapy:


What Happens If The Foot Corn Is Not Removed:

Two options are possible:

  1. There will be deep aching pain preventing you from standing or walking.
  2. There is an eventual likelihood of bleeding. This is dangerous in people with diabetes and inflammatory arthritis because it can get infected and have trouble healing.


Medical treatment of Corns:

Always check with your personal doctor or podiatrist before attempting any treatment yourself.

These are not intended for personal use.

2 Part for Home Treatment:

How To Remove a Foot Corn or Callus [Foot Doctor Home Treatment]

There are two + one steps to keep foot corn pain away. You have to get rid of them and then take measures to keep them away!

1) Stop Them From Appearing. – Guide Below.

2) Removing the Actual Corn.

3) Foot Corn Removal Surgery


1) Home Prevention

  • Brannock Device:

Ensure to measure your 1)Foot Length, 2) Arch Length, and 3) Foot Width. These 3 things have a major impact on your foot pressures. Get a podiatrist or athletic shoe store to help you out!

  • Avoid Tight Shoe Gear:

Get a good running shoe. Try it on late at night when your feet are the most swollen (after a long day of standing) and never in the morning. Make sure you have a finger length between your longest toe and the front of the shoe and get a recommendation from the store or your podiatrist based on your foot type if possible.

Running shoes overdress, and heeled shoes are the way to go if possible.

  • Over The Counter Inserts:

I can’t say how enough how important a stiff insert is to maintain proper pressure distribution! I promise it will be one of the best 25$ investments you will ever make! Get a stiff insert, not a gel insert, and use it to prevent your flat foot pain, corns, and calluses.

  • Gel Pads For Toes and Foot:

Get some cheap foot pads to go between your toes and around the corn. These are extremely cheap (<5$), and it will feel like you are walking on a cloud! Even if the corn is removed, avoid excess pressure to that area.

  • Foam Or Moleskin Cutouts :

This is the same principle as the footpads above, but this is homemade. If you don’t want to purchase the pads, make your own at home from felt padding!

  • Moisturizing Lotions (Petroleum Jelly):

This is a straightforward and effective way to reduce pain and prevent pressure. Rub some petroleum jelly or any other moisturizing lotion into your calluses and corns before you go to bed at night. This will make them easier to rub down with a pumice stone if you choose to go that route. It will also make the calluses and corns less painful throughout the day.

Continue to the next section to see how to remove your foot corns and calluses!