Fibula Fracture Surgery Recovery Time

Fibula fracture surgery recovery time can take six to eight weeks to make a complete recovery, however, healing may take longer if tendons are involved.


Broken Ankle Recovery Time [Ankle & Fibula Fracture Tips]

Causes of Fibula Fracture

Fibula fractures occur when you injure your ankle. Falling or over extending the ankle in any direction can cause a fibula fracture. It’s very common for athletes that compete in sports to get ankle fractures. Poor health and other medical conditions can lead to weak bones, increasing the chances for stress fractures.

  • Injury – falling, over extending ankle
  • Poor health – leads to weak bone structure


Symptoms of Fibula Fracture

Symptoms for Fibula fractures depend on the severity of the injury, however, common symptoms include pain and swelling. Patients may still be able to bear weight with simple fractures. More complicated fractures are very painful. Complicated fractures can not be corrected outside of surgery. With complicated fractures, more aggressive breaks can cause the bone to stick out of the skin.

  • Pain
  • Inability to bear weight
  • Swelling
  • Disfigurement


Treating Fibula Fracture

Simple Fibula fractures usually involve immobilizing the affected ankle, which may include a cast or surgical boot. Complicated fractures are more in depth and require surgical correction, most noteworthy bones requiring six to eight weeks to heal with or without surgery. Surgery would involve realigning the broken fibula bone. Following this, screws and plates would be added to hold the bone in place, allowing the bone to heal properly.

  • Immobilizing – cast or surgical boot
  • Bear weight as little as possible
  • Surgery


When To Seek Treatment For Fibula Fractures

It is very important to seek medical attention as soon as possible with any foot or ankle injury, and as a result will lead to the quickest recovery time possible. Injuries that go untreated can lead to further complications. Any concern you may have is worth having examined.