How to Make Shoes Smaller – For Shoes Too Big

Did you ever buy shoes that are too big? We will teach you how to make shoes smaller, 90% of the time you will have this stuff right in your own home.




Top 10 ways to make your shoes fit smaller, for shoes that are too big:




1) Get Big Socks:

This is best for winter weather.


Have you ever worn a thin dress sock in your shoe felt loose? Well get a big thick pair of socks, this is by far the best and easiest solution.


If you can even wear two socks or three socks, then this should also work even better. This is the easiest option and you’ll have to buy anything special. The only downside is your feet will probably sweat a decent amount!


The more padding use on your foot, the smaller the shoe will get. This method is especially effective for sports shoes and winter boots, in the winter you can make even the thickest boots feel better by wearing good winter socks.


The main downside is that this method is not very effective during the summer or warm weather locations. This is best for people that live in cold climates.



2) Use tissue paper or toilet paper:

This is best for fancy shoes.


This is the second easiest solution. We have many patients who use this in their shoes, take some toilet paper and patted up and put it in the front of your shoe where your toes would normally go. This stuffs in there easily and it will prevent your foot from sliding around. This does not work as well in the heel.


This works best for heels, flats, and boots.


This is more for special occasions and is not meant for shoes that are meant to walk for a very long time like hiking boots or running shoes.


how to make shoes smaller

3) Double up on insoles:

Quick and practical solution.


Do you have another shoe that is of similar size? Well pull out the answer out of that running shoe and simply put it on top of the insert in this new shoe that is too big.


This is a very quick and effective solution that almost everybody can try almost immediately. The main downside is that you squish it in the middle of your foot by doing too much of this, it does not really help for a loose heel or long toes.



4)Get an orthotic:

This does not need to be a very expensive custom orthotics. You’d certainly don’t want to buy $500 custom insert just make your shoe fit better. But this is probably the most practical and long-term solution.


You can buy a great pair of over-the-counter inserts for 20 to 30 bucks that will probably make your knees have been back feel a lot better plus your shoe will fit perfectly.


This is my personal number one method as you are guaranteed to feel better, and have your shoe fit a whole lot better.


This is probably my number one solution.



5) Use foot pads:


This is the best method if you are loose in the front of your shoe, metatarsal pads and toe crest pads are excellent for books conditions like bunions and hammer toes if this is where you’re having problems fitting.



6)Heel Strips:

Best for a loose heel.


If you have a loose heel, try heel strips. Heel strips can cushion the back of your heel around where your Achilles tendon inserts, this also prevent your heel from popping up out of the shoe.


You can usually get these at any convenience store, or pharmacy for under five bucks. Also test online if you can get them here.



Options that are probably overkill and not that great for making your shoe smaller:





7) Use water to shrink your shoe:


Obviously certain common materials get smaller when they are washed or dry. One solution online that some people have had success with is to put your shoes in a washer and dryer, this can deftly shrink the shoe.


The downside is that even if you follow these recommendations it will usually ruin your shoe. You can get fancy and trying use specific leather spray methods and put your shoes in a dryer and let them so, I wouldn’t recommend this do this at your own risk.


8) Returning the shoe:

If you did buy this at a shoe store for sure going return it, but I’m guessing if you’re reading this guide, then you ordered your shoe online. This is probably a big waste of time unless the shoe is pricey. Try some of the methods in this list and see if these helps first.


9) Use elastic band.


Have you ever tried to mold your baseball glove by putting in a row elastic around a baseball? This is kind of the same idea.


If you can squeeze it down, then the shoe might tighten, but this does not seem very practical.


10) Go see a cobbler:


If you have an amazing shoe or a high brand or high-quality shoe, this is probably your best bet.


If you have a fancy-dress shoe or a limited-edition basketball shoe, this probably the way to go for you. Go see a professional get this taken care of.


Bonus way to make your shoe fit smaller: Go see a podiatrist.


11) go see your podiatrist:

if you get a custom orthotics made for yourself you will do a whole lot better.







The Top 10 list:

Get Big Socks:

Use tissue paper or toilet paper:

Double up on insoles:

Get an orthotic:

Use foot pads:

Heel Strips:

Use water to shrink your shoe:

Returning the shoe:

Go see a cobbler:

go see your podiatrist: