How to get Rid of Stinky & Smelly Feet: Home Cure & Remedy 2019

How to get Rid of Stinky & Smelly Feet: Home Cure & Remedy Guide. 95% of the time stinky feet are caused by bacteria living on your sweat, FIX IT!


Foot Odor: How to Fix Stinky Feet or Smelly Feet [BEST Remedies!]




What Causes Stinky Feet?


  • The number one cause for almost all cases of stinky feet is bacteria feeding on sweat from your feet.
  • The stinky feet are there because of the wastes that are formed by the bacteria breaking down our skin and oil.
  • Bacteria digest oils, dead skin cells and these cause a really bad smells deformed.
  • So don’t let these gross bacteria keep living on your skin!



How to get Rid of Stinky & Smelly Feet: Home Cure & Remedy 2019
Foot odor can cause your shoes and socks to smell, learn to cure and remedy it!

Symptoms of Stinky or Smelly Feet:

You may hear some of the following statements (because this is how people are searching these terms!):

  • “horrible foot odor”
  • “my feet stink”
  • “my feet smell bad”
  • “my feet smell like vinegar”
  • “my feet smell sour”
  • “chronic foot odor”
  • “my feet smell like cheese”
  • “feet sweat and smell”


Are Stinky Feet Dangerous?

  • Usually NO!
  • The only time it might be dangerous if you have a wound or have a disease like diabetes.
  • Stinky feet are usually not a significant medical danger, but they can cause people to really make fun of you and give you a hard time!
  • This is also an cause of low self-esteem.We all actually have bacteria and fungus that live on her feet, but once they get out of control because her feet smell.



How To Prevent Stinky Feet:


Make sure you clean your feet correctly:

  • It’s not enough to simply clean your feet in the shower. We will teach you how to clean it properly!
  • The key is to use antibacterial soap daily., This can include buying a special soap.
  • It is very important to wash, especially between the toes, this is where fungus and bacteria and moisture can collect.


Make sure to spray your shoes, socks and feet:

  • After cleaning your feet, it is important to make sure your shoes, socks and feet stay clean.
  • It is possible at this point to use and athletes foot spray or powder.
  • Check our products for our recommended treatment options.



Using antiperspirant to stop excessive sweating:

  • This is a great option similar to using antiperspirant underneath your armpits, but this time you’re using it for your foot.
  • Foot antiperspirants contain aluminum chloride tax hydrate: this is the same chemical found in under arm sprays.
  • We like brands like Klima and sweat block and certain dry.
  • Be careful sprain the bottom of your foot on a slick surface while barefoot. This can cause slipping!


How to get rid of stinky feet:

The two quickest things you can do focus on your socks and shoes, these hold sway which can deftly worsen your stinky feet.


Socks to prevent stinky feet:


  • Wearing the right socks can make a huge difference in getting rid of the sweat from your feet. Non-cotton socks are generally thought to be the best in getting swept.
  • It is also very switch socks every single day. The more your socks pulled sweat and dead skin, the bacteria can look on this because byproducts that great.


Shoes to prevent stinky feet:


  • Getting shoes that are more breathable to definitely helps reduce the incidence of sweat. The bigger and thicker you have, the more sweat you have, the bacteria live on the sweat, the more these bacteria then create waste byproducts. Shoes that are thinner and are more breathable, especially with mesh will hold less sweat as a result smell better.
  • Shoes that are made from thick on breathable plastic, are much more likely to cause you to have stinky feet.
  • This will also cause itching and sweating.


Alternating shoes and socks:


  • Having different shoes four different occasions can definitely save you embarrassment.
  • For example you wouldn’t wear a worn shoe to a first date, everyone knows this shoe won’t make a great first impression.
  • Make sure you wear nice cleaned out dress shoes, the bacteria and waste content is much lower within the shoe.
  • Use antibacterial odor sprays: Lysol and Febreze are excellent.


Get new insoles to reduce bacteria content:


  • A great way to remove odor is to remove the insole liner from your older pair of shoes.
  • Get yourself a new insole liner get rid of the old fungus and bacteria living on your old one.
  • Sticking a new insole can definitely make you walk better around more comfortably and remove the inner aspect of your shoe of smelly bacteria.



Stinky & Smelly Feet Treatment:

  • Your feet. How about half a million sweat glands. This causes you to sweat quite a bit your feet!
  • It is very important to have good socks and shoes, because the sweat gets trapped inside his.
  • Bacteria love nothing more than to live in this type of warm, sweaty and moist environment. They eat the sweat up and cause odor.
  • There are two ways to eliminate this horrible odor: to treat your feet, themselves, and to attack the socks and shoes you have.


Home remedies for stinky and smelly feet:

  • There are many home remedies for this, because they work amazing. These include salt baths, vinegar soaks, and she soaks to kill the bacteria.
  • These deathly will decrease foot odor. But by themselves they are not a perfect solution.

Vinegar foot soaks:

  • The goal is to use apple cider vinegar for 25% of the solution, and warm water for 75% of the solution.
  • Vinegar will help kill the bacteria. The goal is to use this for about 15 to 20 minutes. But be safe. If you have any skin conditions were sensitive.


Tea soaks:

  • He can be a good option as well. Putting a few teabags in warm water and soaking for about 15 to 20 minutes can have some effect as well.
  • There are no studies proving this specifically, but it can’t hurt to try. If you have these available!


Epsom salts soaks:

  • This is one of our favorite options because it is cheap and safe.
  • Epsom salts soak into the dead dry skin on your foot, they absorb into the dead dry skin and you can easily then flick it off.
  • This does not actually kill the fungus and bacteria, but removes the dead dry skin that they can live on.


The best socks for stinky feet:

  • The best socks for excessive sweat, and bacteria are breathable materials.
  • Make sure you don’t have a thick film of polyester or nylon, this can increase the amount of sweat trapped within the sock.
  • Make sure the sock is breathable.
  • It is possible to also buy socks that have a natural antibacterial and antifungal material.


Is it a good idea to go without socks?

  • No it is not a great idea. This will lead to sweat accumulation in your shoe and on your foot.
  • This will lead to even more bacterial growth.
  • This will lead to dead skin, dirt, oil and other mold and fungus living there.

The best shoes for stinky feet:

The best shoes are usually ones that have breathable material.

So good pair of running shoes with mesh for example will be more effective than thick leather shoe or work.

So make sure the sweat does get trapped inside your shoe. Also the less tight the shoe is the less rubbing and the less sweating its trapped inside against your foot.


The best orthotics for stinky feet:

It is possible to buy orthotics with activated charcoal, this can help absorb some foot sweat and order.


The best smelly feet solutions and products:

  • Once you have learned how to wash your feet and clean your feet, and how to wear socks and shoes.
  • The next option is to get some good odor killing shoe products.
  • It is possible, use powders, sprays, and cedar chips within your shoes.


The best powders for smelly feet:



The best sprays for smelly feet: