How to get perfect toes?

  • The biggest problem that can keep your toes from being perfect are conditions called the hammer toes, clot toes or mallet toes.
  • These are all toes that are bent in various positions. They may look strange or even be in pain. These conditions usually happen to the four lesser for toes, not the big toe.
  • The best way to treat these is trying some of the gel pads listed below before you move onto surgery.


The best way to get perfect toes is to first try to straighten them conservatively, then try to use surgery to straighten them. If the bone is not rigid and arthritic, you have a good chance at getting them straightened.


Hammer Toe:

  • Hammertoe bends down towards the floor through the middle joints, while the middle joint usually points up and get something callous.
  • Hammertoe usually affects the second toe, and occurs along with a bunion.


Claw Toe:

  • A hammer toe most commonly affects the four smaller toes at the same time, this is a gradual curling in bending of all the toes down into the tip of the toes.


Mallet Toe:

  • A mallet toe is just the joint closest to the tip of the toe. The toe was straight and then the tip curls down.


Who to talk to regarding your non-perfect toes:

  • The person to talk to if you have a painful or heard toe is your podiatrist.
  • A podiatrist may be able provide nonsurgical treatments and surgical treatments to fix your position.
  • The key is to stop your toe from being locked into a rigid arthritic condition.
  • In most cases if you can still straighten your toe with your fingers, then it has a chance of being fixed with home treatment.


What are the symptoms?


Besides not looking perfect and looking on, these toes may:

  • Hurt
  • Make it very difficult to find shoes that fit.
  • The biggest thing is that they can rub against your shoes.
  • You can get corns or calluses were bent toe presses against another toe shoe.
  • The most severe cases this can lead to an ulcer.
  • This can even make it very difficult to walk


Home Treatment Options: