How to get Rid of Stinky Feet & Shoes: Home Cure & Remedy

How to get Rid of Stinky Feet & Shoes: Home Cure & Remedy Guide. 95% of the time stinky feet are caused by bacteria living on your sweat, FIX IT!



How to get rid of stinky feet


What Causes Stinky Feet?


  • The number one cause for almost all cases of stinky feet is bacteria feeding on moisture.
  • Stinky feet are usually not a significant medical danger, but they can cause people to really make fun of you and give you a hard time!
  • This is also an cause of low self-esteem.We all actually have bacteria and fungus that live on her feet, but once they get out of control because her feet smell.
  • The stinky feet are there because of the wastes that are formed by the bacteria breaking down our skin and oil.
  • Bacteria digest oils, dead skin cells and these cause a really bad smells deformed.
  • So don’t let these gross bacteria keep living on your skin!


How to get rid of stinky feet:

The two quickest things you can do focus on your socks and shoes, these hold sway which can deftly worsen your stinky feet. These are the things that you can do to improve your socks and shoes.


Socks to prevent stinky feet:


  • Wearing the right socks can make a huge difference in getting rid of the sweat from your feet. Non-cotton socks are generally thought to be the best in getting swept.
  • It is also very switch socks every single day. The more your socks pulled sweat and dead skin, the bacteria can look on this because byproducts that great.


Shoes to prevent stinky feet:


  • Getting shoes that are more breathable to definitely helps reduce the incidence of sweat. The bigger and thicker you have, the more sweat you have, the bacteria live on the sweat, the more these bacteria then create waste byproducts. Shoes that are thinner and are more breathable, especially with mesh will hold less sweat as a result smell better.
  • Shoes that are made from thick on breathable plastic, are much more likely to cause you to have stinky feet.
  • This will also cause itching and sweating.


Alternating shoes and socks:


  • Having different shoes four different occasions can definitely save you embarrassment.
  • For example you wouldn’t wear a worn shoe to a first date, everyone knows this shoe won’t make a great first impression.
  • Make sure you wear nice cleaned out dress shoes, the bacteria and waste content is much lower within the shoe.
  • Use antibacterial odor sprays: Lysol and Febreze are excellent.


Get new insoles to reduce bacteria content:


  • A great way to remove odor is to remove the insole liner from your older pair of shoes.
  • Get yourself a new insole liner get rid of the old fungus and bacteria living on your old one.
  • Sticking a new insole can definitely make you walk better around more comfortably and remove the inner aspect of your shoe of smelly bacteria.