The Best Verruca Home Remedy

The Best Verruca Home Remedy is salicylic acid according to guidelines by American Family Physicians, it is cheap and available at any store for under $20! According to both medical research and acceptance by family physicians and podiatrists across the USA, salicylic acid is the most potent and effective home remedy for your foot verrucas and warts.  Salicylic acid is readily obtainable at most drug stores in both liquid and pad forms, these treatment are already prepared with guides and prepared ready to apply patches and dosages.


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The scientific literature (research papers) agrees stating that salicylic acid is the best verruca home remedy because it not only has better results then other treatments such as cryotherapy, but is much cheaper as well!






How Salicylic acid works as a Wart Remover

  •  The Salicylic acid softens the skin layers that form over and around the wart or verruca and they can then be rubbed off with an emery board or a pumice stone.
  • The Salicylic acid over time irritates the tissue around the wart triggering an inflammatory response which is a stimulation of the immune system. This is similar to sounding an alarm at a warehouse that is being robbed, the police (the white blood cells) show up and flush out the area from foreign wart particles (human papillomavirus)


If you need the basics about foot wart treatment, follow this link:

Basics of Foot Warts and Verrucas

Why Salicylic Acid the Best Verruca Home Remedy?

  • Cheap and safe at home.
  • Causes some irritation but relatively mild.
  • The most studied.
  • The most trusted by physicians.


How Well does Salicylic Acid Work?

  • It works approximately 70-85% of the time.
  • This can be combined with the duct tape method for added effectiveness.
  • Treatment time should be approximately 2-3 months and then you should switch to another treatment method.
  • If these don’t work you can go visit your foot doctor or podiatrist.


Considerations while using Salicylic Acid:

  • Avoid getting the acid anywhere but the wart- it does irritate the skin!
  • The dead tissue flakes that come off with the salicylic acid do contain living HPV virus, so be careful handling them!
  • You don’t want to transfer your wart anywhere else.
  • Disinfect your pumice stone or emery board very well.
  • If the treatment area does become tender, stop using the salicylic acid for a little while.
  • The treatment time should be approximately 2-3 months, after that you should switch to something else.


Dr. Tom Recommendation: Duct Tape is a another method that is readily available at home- it has the benefits of being cheap and easy- but does not cause irritation of the skin like apple cider vinegar! I recommend you try this before vinegar to avoid the skin irritation.

-The studies show it also has an unconfirmed treatment rate, but some studies put it at around 80% for the 1st two months.



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