Does Wearing Nail Polish Cause Toenail Fungus?

Does Wearing Nail Polish Cause Toenail Fungus?


 Yes but that’s probably not what you have!

  • Nail polish can cause toenail fungus by dehydrating the toenail and causing nail damage.
  • Fungus can then invade through the small cracks and get under your toenail.
  • But if your toenails are white, you probably have a condition known as keratin granulations!


Are Your Toenails White, Yellow or Black?


1) White Toenails: Keratin Granulations.

  • White toenails are usually just due to the dehydration of your toenails.
  • The nail plate is made up of a substance called keratin.
  • When dehydrated keratin becomes white keratin granulations.
  • Read below for the complete guide to keratin granulations!


Does Wearing Nail Polish Cause Toenail Fungus?
White toenails are usually due to keratin granulations. This is severely dehydrated toenail keratin.

Keratin Granulations


Keratin Granulations – White Chalky Toenails.

The #1 cause of discolored nails after removing your toenail polish is a white chalky like substance called keratin granulations.

  • These occur because nail polish has harmful chemicals in it like formaldehyde and toleune.
  • Nail polish remover has acetone within it.
  • There is a way to correct this by remoisturizing your nails:

Keratin Granulations  – The Complete Treatment Guide.


Can I Keep Using Toenail Polish?

Yes you can!

  • Just be aware that it will continue to dry out your nails.
  • You can wear it less frequently or you can try treating your nails before polishing them again.
  • There are even brands of toenail polish that will not dehydrate your nails.
  • Trust me, these brands are very well promoted!


How do I know for sure that this is not toenail fungus?

  • My recommendation: treat is like keratin granulations.
  • If the treatment does not make it better after 2 weeks, then it can still be toenail fungus.
  • Don’t worry, 2 weeks will not put your toenail fungus in any danger.
  • If it is a superficial toenail fungus, it should be very easily curable anyway.
  • If it does seem like toenail fungus or it is yellow, head to #3: toenail fungus.



 2) White Marks On Toenails: Leukonychia.

Does Wearing Nail Polish Cause Toenail Fungus?
White marks on the toenails are usually due to nail trauma. This is called nail leukonychia.

 White spots on the toenails are due to a condition known as leukonychia:

  • These are permanent until the toenail grows out.
  • Unfortunately the toenail grows very slowly.
  • The toenail only grows at a rate of 1mm/ day.




3) Yellow Thick Toenails: Toenail Fungus.



The second most common cause of discolored toenails.

  • This is usually a type called superficial white onychomycosis that is not as serious as most nail fungus; this type is very easily cured with a topical cream that you can put on your nails.
  • If you want to use toenail polish, be more worried about dry nails and how to rehydrate them and not how to prevent fungus.


Is the toenail fungus dangerous?

  • The toenail fungus should be very curable with proper treatment.
  • Superifical white onychomycosis is very easily treatable with antifungal medication.
  • It is not the type of fungus that takes root deep under your toenail.



4)Black, Red or Blue Toenail: Subungual Hematoma.

 Jogger’s toe is essentially just “overuse toe”.

  • The trick with this one is it sneaks up on people without any pain!
  • Be aware that you can still have bleeding underneath your toenail and it doesn’t have to be extremely painful.
  • For example I just saw a woman had a scary black toenail without any cause.
  • But the more I talked to her I realized she bought new shoes and started Zumba classes.
  • She was exercising more, had small shoes and was not suffering from any pain!

Even if there is no pain, light micro-trauma from walking or running could have caused you to develop little black spots underneath your toenails that are the result of light bleeding.

  • Unless there is pain this is usually very harmless and it should not be something that you worry about.
  • Over time the nail will grow out and the black spot will disappear unless you continue irritating it.


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