What Causes Night Toe Cramps?

What Causes Night Toe Cramps: There are a couple dangerous cause, but 90% of people should not worry! Just follow this guide.


What Are Night Time Toe Cramps?

  • Toe cramps at night time are very common!
  • 90-95% of the population reports as having them
  • It is only something to worry about if you are a smoker, diabetic or older in age.
  • Cramps are due to an improper stimulus of your nerves.
  • They can improperly signal your muscles to contract when your brain says not too.


What Causes Night Toe Cramps
Stretching out your feet & calves is usually enough to make the toe cramps go away in a hurry. If that doesn’t work try massaging them as well!


Causes of Night Toe Cramps:

There is still no exact consensus in the scientific community.

But the majority of theories center around an electrical imbalance that has to do with your nerves.

Specific Causes Of Electrical Imbalance:

  • Inflammation.
  • Overuse of muscles throughout the day.
  • A lack of muscle flexibility in the calf & bottom of your foot.
  • Dehydration due to lack of water.
  • Dehydration due to alcohol or caffeine.
  • Imbalance of electrolytes: magnesium, potassium & calcium.
  • Irritation due to the cold.



How To Relieve Toe Cramps:

What Causes Night Toe Cramps
Going to bed at night with sore feet can put you at risk for muscle spasms & toe cramps!

1) Inflammation & overuse of muscles:

  • If your toes or foot muscles are overworked & irritated, this can cause inflammation.
  • Inflammation is when your immune system causes swelling, redness & throbbing in ¬†muscle.
  • This is improperly caused when the muscle or joint is stressed too much.
  • This is most common in athletes or people who spend all day on their feet.

How To Relieve Toe Cramps:

  • Massage your feet after work.
  • Take some anti-inflammatory medication. This can be topical or oral like Ibuprofen.
  • Stretch your feet out.
  • Do your best to take the load off your feet with orthotics or compression stockings.


What Causes Night Toe Cramps
Massage your feet & stretch them out. This will get you feeling much better in a hurry.


2) Dehydradration & Lack of Electrolytes:

  • This is usually due to drinking alcohol or caffeine throughout the day.
  • It can also be due to a large amount of athletic activity without a chance to recover.

How To Relieve Toe Cramps:

  • It is essential to drink lots of water throughout the day.
  • Every college senior knows that you have to drink a Gatorade before bed after binge drinking!
  • This applies for coffee as well as alcohol.
  • Make sure to always stay hydrated.



What Causes Night Toe Cramps
Get yourself some ugly wool socks. Cold feet make you much more likely for toe cramps & spasms!


3)Cold Feet At Night:

  • The cold is a major cause of exciting your nerves.
  • As it gets colder, your blood vessels close off in the area & alter your fluid flow.
  • This can decrease the nerve threshold in your feet.
  • This is a major cause of muscle spasms!

How To Relieve Toe Cramps:

  • Get some thicker sheets.
  • Put on some socks!