AFO Brace

An AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis) brace is a custom made brace, just for your foot and ankle, that is applied over your sock and is to be worn with shoes. The AFO brace has many uses and functions, such as providing stability while walking. It also provides support, helping with pain while walking. This prevents injury to your foot and ankle as well as allowing your ankle to heal.



Why wear an AFO brace?

Wearing an AFO brace should not cause you pain but might cause slight discomfort at first as your body adjusts to the correct way of walking. Because of this it is recommend to ease into wearing an AFO brace. Start with an hour a day increasing and hour every day until comfortable. If discomfort should arise simply reduce the amount of time wearing your AFO to the previous day. Once comfortable continue working on wearing your brace as much as possible. If need you can use the brace with smaller intervals of time.

Most podiatrist recommended to wear mid calf or higher socks During this time. Wearing these socks can prevent issues such as sores and infection. Certain surfaces can be slippery if wearing an AFO with out shoes. To prevent any injury wear shoes with AFO’s is highly recommend.

Patients should call their podiatrist with any concerns with their AFO.