Diseases of the Toenails

Diseases of the toenails are some of the most common causes of foot pain. Select what is bothering you from the list below.

  1. Toenail Fungus.
  2. Very Long Toenails.
  3. Ingrown Toenail.
  4. Bruised Toenails.
  5. Toenail Falling Off.
  6. Permanent Ingrown Toenail Removal Surgery.
  7. Black Streaks Under The Nails.
  8. White Patches On Toenails.
  9. Black Spot Under The Toenail.
  10. Red Spot Under The Toenail.
  11. Green Spot Under The Toenail.
  12. Toenail Coming Off The Nail Bed.
  13. Toenail Psoriasis .
  14. Black Toenail.



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Toenail Fungus Is A Majority of All Toenail Problems:

Associated Toe Problems
  1. Foot Corn.
  2. Foot Blister.
  3. Callus Foot Pain.
  4. Swollen Painful Toe.
  5. Fractured Hallux.
  6. Foot Wart (Verruca).
  7. Itchy and Red Skin.



  1. Psoriasis under the toenails.
  2. Lichen planus
  3. Eczema
  4. Bacterial infection
  5. Foot Wart
  6. Subungual melanoma
  7. Swollen Nail Bed
  8. Toe Osteochondroma
  9. Keratin Granulations Treatment




Toenail Fungus is the major concern for most people:

The overwhelming #1 concern for most people is the development of toenail fungus. They hate how ugly their nails look. Well have no fear we have  a complete guide for hoq to deal with your toenail fungus, but be warned this is an absolutely massive guide that you will need to set aside some time for!

The 2nd most common problem is an ingrown toenail. There are essential two solutions for dealing with you ingrown toenail. You can splint something under the nail at home while you continue to soften up your toenails. If softening them and then cutting the ingrown toenail does not work, then you should probably go and have a nail avulsion performed by a podiatrist or foot doctor.

Another cause for concern with toenails are weird markings appearing on them. Specifically white spots and black spots on your toenails. The white spots are usually not toenail fungus, especially after you have just removed toenail polish; they are in fact keratin granulations. Black spots on the toenail may be dangerous if they are a subungual melanoma, but they are usually pretty safe because it is just dried blood under there. Follow our complete guide to Find more!



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