Pain On Top Of Foot

Pain On Top Of Foot: The majority of the most common problems can be treated at home. These include nerve irritation & dorsal compression syndrome.


Most Common Causes Of Pain On Top Of Foot:

1) Dorsal Compression Syndrome:

  • Dorsal compression syndrome occurs when there is too much stress on the ball of your foot.
  • This compresses the top of the foot.
  • It stretches out the bottom of the foot.
  • So if the top of your foot is numb or irritated & the bottom in pain, this is it!
  • This can also lead to lack of shock absorption in walking or running.
  • It will eventually lead to mid-foot arthritis.
Dorsal Compression Syndrome
Pain on top of the foot is frequently caused by dorsal compression syndrome. This results in a buckling of the foot that compresses the top and stretches the bottom.


2) Top Of Foot Numbness Or Tingling:

  • The top of foot tingling is usually due to a nerve irritation.
  • The medial dorsal cutaneous nerve is most frequently effected.
  • This nerve cover the bump on top of your foot and runs along the top of your big toe.
  • If a nerve is irritated and becomes numb, this is known as neuropraxia.
  • Neuropraxia can take up to a month to get better, so treat it properly!


3)Top Of The Foot Bone Spur:

A bone spur on top of the foot forms due to abnormal friction and stress on the bone.

  • As the bones of the midfoot rub against each other, the bone re-enforces itself.
  • This is similar to a callus forming in a high pressure area.
  • The same thing will happen to the bone on the top of your foot.
  • A top of the foot bone spur is very common.
  • It can lead to top of the foot numbness, burning and tingling.
  • This occurs due to nerve compression.



4)Metatarsal Stress Fracture:

  • If you are a runner or started heavy walking.
  • This does not happen instantly!
  • It can take days or weeks to gradually start hurting and causing pain.
  • Eventually this will get too excruciating to continue walking or running.
  • This can take 10-21 days to show up on X-ray.


5)Sprained Top Of The Foot:

  • A sprain in the top of the foot or the arch is called a Lisfranc sprain.
  • In most cases it is usually only a sprain that lasts a couple days to a couple weeks.
  • But in some cases it may be essential to seek imaging & further treatment.


6)Fluid Cyst:

  • Ganglionic cysts are soft masses across the top of the foot which are not immediately dangerous!
  • These are simply pockets of fluid that pouches out from the joints of your foot bones like a balloon.
  • Treatment consists of draining and removing the pocket of fluid.
  • But they should still be check out by a podiatrist because there is a chance that they may be something a little more dangerous.
top of foot ganglion cyst
A ganglion cyst can appear at the top of the foot. It is an outpocketing of joint fluid.


7) Extensor Tendonitis:

  • Just like a nerve can get irritated on top of the foot, so can tendons.
  • Extensor tendons are the ones responsible for lifting your foot toward your shin.
  • They can become irritated from being over worked.
  • This is very common in long distance runners and running hills.
  • The front of your leg and top of your foot will be sore.


Good Luck With Pain On Top Of Foot.