Foot Pain Behind Big Toe

Foot Pain Behind Big Toe

Foot Pain Behind Big Toe is usually caused by Bunions, Gout, Hallux limitus and rigidus as well as many more. Learn what to do below!



Most Likely Causes:

  1. Bunion
  2. Gout
  3. Hallux limitus
  4. Hallux rigidus
  5. Sesamoiditis
  6. Sprained Big Toe 
  7. Turf toe
  8. Broken Toe
  9. Swollen Toe
  10. Dislocated Toe
  11. Hallux Varus
  12. Flexor Hallucis Tendinitis
  13. Foot Arthritis
  14. Big Toe Tendon Pain.
  15. Pinched Nerve in Big Toe.
  16. Pain to the Knuckle. 
  17. Broken Big Toe.
  18. Foot Joint Arthritis.


Skin or Toenail Issues of the Big Toe:
  1. Toenail is detaching.
  2. Bleeding Big Toenail.
  3. Ingrown Toenail.
  4. Ganglion Cyst on the Big Toe
  5. Bruise Underneath the Big Toenail.
  6. All other Toenail Disorders.
  7. Big Toe and Toenail Cancer.




Associated Conditions to foot pain behind the big toe:
  1. Flat Foot.
  2. Hammer Toe Deformities.


Common Causes of  Foot Pain Behind Big Toe

Foot pain behind the toe can usually be made worse by planting your foot on the ground, especially when able to bend up and backwards.


Foot pain behind the big toe depends on an a couple important variables, is the big toe straight or angled toward the second toe? Is the pain extreme and hot or gradually onsetting and underneath the base of the big toe.

If the toe is curved in and the pain is gradual, then you most likely have a bunion. As the toe bends in the big toe jams against the foot bones improperly and this leads to a great deal of inflammation and foot jamming. If the pain is extreme and onsets one morning without any prior injury, then you most likely have gout.

If the big toe is straight and you usually spend a good deal of time on your feet, then you most likely have hallux limitus or hallux rigidus. This is the when the big toe jams back against the rest of the foot in a straight fashion and causes osteoarthritis.

If the pain is at the base of the big toe joint and you spend alot of time on your feet, then you most likely have sesamoiditis. Sesamoiditis usually results in tibial sesamoid pain and can be treated through our treatment guide very precisely.

There are also a number of generic bumps and sprains that can result in soft tissue problem. Click on the links above to follow through in treating these aches and pain.



Treatment Options for Foot Pain Behind the Big Toe:

Big Toe Joint Fusion:

  • This is usually a final stage treatment option for bunions and hallux rigidus. This usually involves locking up the joint so that it can’t move.

Ganglion Cyst Treatment:

  • If you have a big soft lump forming from the big toe

Hallux Varus Surgery:

  • If your toe is bending inward, this may be your procedure of choice.

Big Toe Joint Replacement:

  • Big toe joint replacement surgery is not always the best option. While this surgery works great, the complications can be higher.

Taping for Turf Toe: