Pain in the Small Toes

Pain in your small toes is usually due to a condition known as hammer toes, this is when your toes become arched like claws. Hammer toes can be reversible if they are still flexible or bend-able, but once they become rigid and you cannot bend them then more extreme measures must be taken.

Black or bleeding toenails can occur due to stubbing the toe and blood filling underneath the nail. This will lead to pain due to the buildup of pressure under the nail. There is a chance that the toe may be broken, so there are a couple ways to find out if the toe is just swollen and bruised or broken.

Corns and calluses will likely develop on the top and the bottom of the toes if the hammertoes are left to become rigid and are not treated for a period of time. A blister could also develop if you put your rigid hammertoes through a good amount of trauma such as a long run.

Predislocation syndrome is related to crossing toes and it is due to the rupture of the deep transverse intermetatarsal ligament either becoming stretched or tearing altogether.




Pain in the Small Toes:

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Ball of the foot:


5th Toe:

Associated Conditions

  • Flat Foot – This is at the center for almost all foot problems- it is related to being overweight, not stretching for many years and it will eventually always lead to many problems in the feet, especially pain in the small toes.