flat feet surgery pros and cons

Flat Feet Surgery Pros and Cons: Flat Feet Surgery Pros & Cons: Surgery can be very successful, but depending on the procedure, the recovery time can be longer. We believe in good biomechanics and support no matter what procedure you choose!     What is flatfoot surgery? Flatfoot surgery is a combination of surgical procedures … Read more

Plantar Plate Tear Injury

Plantar Plate Tear & Injury: Best Taping, Shoes, Treatment & Repair 2019 A plantar plate tear can be a BIG injury: Find out the 100% best taping, shoes and conservative treatments before plantar plate surgery repair!     Plantar Plate Injury Overview: Plantar plate ligament: A plantar plate tear or a plantar plate injury refers … Read more

Achilles Tendon Heel Pain Treatment

The Best Achilles Tendon Heel Pain Treatment: Best Shoes, Orthotics & Home Cures 2019 Achilles tendon heel pain treatment can take 3-6 months to start to improve. FIX your tight & sore Achilles tendon pain as FAST as possible!       Causes: Achilles tendon pain is most commonly caused by two types of Achilles … Read more