Wound Care

Foot & Ankle Wound Care [Podiatrist & Foot Doctor Treatment] We are the largest foot & ankle wound care center in Livingston County (Howell & Brighton Michigan) for lower extremity wounds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MwWEk1R1uY&feature=youtu.be How to make a Diabetic Wound Heal Faster: Brighton Mi Podiatrist Dr. Tom Biernacki discusses how to make a diabetic ulcer and wound … Read more

Best Women’s Walking Shoes

Podiatrist Recommended Walking Shoes Mens Womens

Podiatrist Recommended Women’s Walking Shoes [Best 2020 Shoes!] These are the best Podiatrist Recommended Women’s Walking Shoes of 2020. Make 100% sure you are avoiding pain, while saving your MONEY! https://youtu.be/Ipun4K4-Xcs Best Women’s Maximalist Shoes: Maximal shoes are great shoes for foot and ankle pain. They are a little bit more expensive, and they are … Read more