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The Best Michigan Podiatrists: We want to be your chosen top podiatrist inĀ  Michigan! We are your choice for the best board-certified podiatrist and board-certified foot doctor in Michigan. Conditions We Treat: Toenail Fungus. Ingrown Toenails. Ball of the Foot Pain. Outside of the Foot Pain. Bottom of the Foot Pain. Heel Pain. Ankle Pain. … Read more

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BEST Sandals for Achilles Tendonitis & Heel Pain [Podiatrist Approved] Do you have Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, or Heel Pain? We go over the BEST Sandals for Achilles Tendonitis & Heel Pain. Look! We go over the best sandals for Achilles tendonitis, heel pain, and plantar fasciitis! Our podiatrists test and WEAR these sandals making … Read more