Achilles Tendon Heel Pain Treatment

Achilles Tendon Heel Pain: Best Shoes, Orthotics & Home Treatment! Achilles tendon heel pain treatment can take 3-6 months to start to improve. FIX your tight & sore Achilles tendon pain as FAST as possible!       Causes: Achilles tendon pain is most commonly caused by two types of Achilles tendon injury. These are … Read more

Heel Spur Surgery Recovery Time

Heel Spur Surgery Recovery Time: Home Treatment Tips! Heel spur surgery recovery time? Is Heel Spur Surgery even worth it? It can greatly depend on how your procedure was done. If it was performed in the minimally invasive fashion, you should be up and walking within about 6 weeks. Sometimes it can be a little … Read more

Bruised Heel

Bruised Heel Bone or Pad: Causes & Best Treatment 2020! 95% of the time a bruised heel is a contusion or damage to the tissues under the heel causing pain. There may also be a spur or plantar fasciitis at this site!   Watch this video for some more information about bruised heels and to … Read more