Calcaneal stress fracture

Calcaneal Stress Fracture: Causes, Symptoms & Best Treatment! Do you have a calcaneal stress fracture? Make 100% sure you are not walking on it and making it worse! A calcaneus squeeze test can help you diagnose it!   Calcaneal Stress Fracture Overview: The most common cause for a calaneal or heel bone stress fracture is … Read more

Stress fracture heel

Heel Stress Fracture: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Do you have a Heel Stress Fracture? This pain that gets worse while standing during the day, this can ACHE & THROB. Get 100% better!   Causes: Over exerting your self or constant activity can cause a stress fracture. Athletes such as football, basket ball and soccer players … Read more

Protruding Bone on Outside of Foot

Protruding Bone on Outside of Foot: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Causes of a protruding bone on outside of foot are usually injuries to what is called the 5th metatarsal. Learn to FIX the pain today!     Overview of a protruding bone on the outside of your foot:   This 5th metatarsal bone makes up … Read more