Swollen Feet Ankles Legs

The Best Swollen Feet, Ankles & Legs Home Treatment 2019 Do you have swollen feet, ankles or legs? The best treatment options for you in 2019 are still elevating your feet, icing, great compression and removing the cause! We will show you how to do it!       top 5 ways to decrease leg … Read more

Flat foot surgery recovery time

Flat foot surgery recovery time   There multiple surgeries that can be performed to correct a flat foot. Typically you need to wait six to eight weeks before you can bear weight again. What is Flat foot? Flat foot is where the arch of a foot has collapsed or is collapsing. This deformity usually is … Read more

Foot surgery recovery time

Foot surgery recovery time   Recovery from foot surgery can take up to several weeks. It all depends on the surgery performed, general health and following the doctors orders. Types of foot surgery   Podiatrists perform many different foot surgeries. Feet take a lot of wear and tear because of the certain issues that may … Read more