Tendons In Ankle

Twisted or Rolled Ankle Sprain Treatment: FASTER Home Recovery Time!


Tendons In Ankle: There are many major ankle tendons & ligaments present. Learn which ones are most susceptible to ankle injury.


Tendons Vs. Ligaments In The Ankle:


  • Tendons: are muscular attachments to the bone.


  • Ligaments: are the attachments between bone and bone.






There are 5 medial & 3 lateral ankle ligaments:



3 Lateral Ankle Ligaments:

  1. Anterior talofibular ligament.
  2. Calcaneofibular ligament
  3. Posterior talofibular ligament.


5 Medial Ankle Ligaments:

  • 1-2) Superficial & deep tibiotalar ligaments.
  • 3) Tibiocalcaneal ligament
  • 4-5) superficial & deep tibionavicular ligaments.




Lateral Ankle Ligaments:

3 Major Lateral Ankle Ligaments:


1) The Anterior Talofibular Ligament.

  • The anterior talofibular ligament is the most commonly damaged ligament in ankle sprains.
  • This ligament protects against inversion & plantarflexion.
  • If any ligaments are damaged during an inversion ankle sprain, this one is usually included!

2)The Calcaneofibular Ligament.

  • This is the second most common ligament damaged in any ankle injury.
  • This ligament protects against inversion & dorsiflexion.
  • If the calcaneofibular ligament is damaged, then the anterior talofibular ligament is also damaged.

3)The Posterior Talofibular Ligament.

  • The posterior talofibular ligament is rarely ruptured.
  • Both the calcaneofibular ligament & talofibular ligament will be damaged.





5 Major Medial Ankle Ligaments:

There are 5 medial ankle tendons:

  • 1)Superficial tibiotalar ligament.
  • 2)Deep tibiotalar ligament.
  • 3)Tibiocalcaneal ligament.
  • 4)Superficial tibionavicular ligament.
  • 5)Deep tibionavicular ligament.



2 Major Tendons In Ankle:

There  2 major lateral ankle tendons:


1) The Peroneus Brevis.


  • This muscle is involved in everting & dorsiflexing the foot.



2) The Peroneus Longus.


  • This muscle is involved in everting & plantar flexing the foot.



 Sprained Ankle Treatment:

  • These ligaments are all frequently involved in a sprained ankle.
  • Learn how to treat damage to these ankle tendons & ligaments.


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