Hallux Rigidus

Hallux Rigidus Treatment [Exercises, Inserts and Surgery?] Hallux Rigidus Treatment is possible without surgery! Exercises don’t work great, but sometimes the right shoe and inserts make most pain DISAPPEAR! https://youtu.be/nfyY_8n5B8s Hallux Rigidus Symptoms: Pain at the base of the big toe during walking. A giant callus develops on the inside of the big toe joint. … Read more

Turf Toe Injury

Turf Toe Injury: Best Treatment [Brace, Splint & Recovery Time] A turf toe injury has 3 major grades with different recovery time and treatment. Fix it 100% satisfactorily with the right Brace, Splint and taping at HOME! https://youtu.be/iWJMtq5wHnQ What is a Turf Toe Injury? Turf toe can occur after a very vigorous upward bending of … Read more

Sesamoiditis Treatment

Fibular & Tibial Sesamoiditis: Causes & Best Treatment! Sesamoiditis can be the #1 cause of bottom of the big toe joint pain in athlete’s and those who stand: Follow the BEST Sesamoiditis Treatment!   What Is Sesamoiditis: Sesamoiditis is a generalized term for a painful inflammatory condition associated with a sesamoid complex devoid of radiographic … Read more