White and Chalky Toenails From Nail Polish

White Chalky Toenails From Nail Polish: Causes & Best Treatment 2019 95% of the time white chalky toenails from nail polish are caused by something called keratin granulations. This is superficial dehydration!       What Causes White Chalky Toe Nails From Nail Polish: Dehydration is the number one cause for white chalky toenails from … Read more

Medical Pedicure By Podiatrists

Medical Pedicure By Podiatrists: Covered By Most Insurance?   A podiatrist medical pedicure is a dry pedicure. The focus is medical treatment by a foot doctor and podiatrist, not cosmetic treatment by cosmetologist.     Table Of Contents:  https://youtu.be/Pp7nCoXUBI8 Does Insurance Cover A Medical Pedicure?   A medical pedicure is not meant for cosmetic reasons. … Read more

White Toenails from Nail Polish

White Toenails from Nail Polish: Causes & Best Treatment 2020! Do You Have White Toenails from Nail Polish? Is it toenail fungus? 90% of the time the answer is: NO! These are something called keratin granulations!   White Toenails from Nail Polish Overview: Is it toenail fungus? Usually the answer is no. Usually the cause … Read more