Hard Skin On Feet?

Hard Skin On Feet: This hard skin can appear as a big thick callus or even pin-point corns. Calluses are wide, corns are deep and painful.


Do Have Thick Hard Skin On Your Feet?


Say Yes To Hard Skin On Feet If You Have:

  • Hard skin on the feet exists mostly on the heels, ball of the foot, the big toe and 5th toe.
  • Hard skin is usually calluses and corns
  • Corns are deep pinpoint “pebble-like masses”.
  • Calluses can cover your heels and ball of the foot.
  • Calluses can be cracked.

Say No To Hard Skin On Feet If You Have:

  • If you have dry feet without thick hard skin.
  • If you have an itchy rash without thick hard skin.
  • If you have redness, itching or an open sore.
  • If you have skin peeling.
  • Any bump, lumps or discolorations.
  • Any toenail problems.



What Causes Hard Skin On Feet?

  • Hard skin on the feet almost always develops due to increased pressure.
  • Just like a callus hand form on a finger, it can on your feet.
  • The more pressure and friction your feet experience, the harder the skin will get.
  • Hard skin can also occur due to dry feet.
  • People who sweat a lot in their shoes get dry skin, this is because they lose water!



How To Soften Hard Skin On Feet:

  • The key to softening the dry skin on your feet is to moisturize.
  • But water is not the answer.
  • Water actually dehydrates your skin.
  • You must use oils and moisturizers!
  • You can also soak your feet in a foot bath with epsom salts.
  • The epsom salts help “fluff up” the hard skin.
  • Just make sure to apply moisturizer later!


How To Get Rid Of Hard Skin On Your Feet:

  • Once you soften up the hard skin on your feet with moisturizers.
  • Use a pumice stone or an emery board to get rid of the hard skin.